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Analysis: Third-Grade Reading Proficiency Stagnant Citywide, Declining for Low-Income Kids

The data shows gaps in achievement based on family income and race.

Chatter: Gripe It Up

In which our readers would like a few more places to Give It Up

D.C. Drivers: America’s Dumbest!

You know that stereotype about Washington being a city of strivers and overachievers and grade-grubbers?
It doesn't apply behind the wheel.
An annual traffic-rules survey has ranked D.C. 51st in the country when it comes to driver know-how. The test asked 20 questions that commonly appear on the written portions of drivers' license exams–including questions asking for [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

All's fair in love, war, and campaigns
Here's one of Hizzoner's refrains:
(We may not compare
To students at Blair)
But math scores show huge freakin' gains
For shoppers, a new destination
But only a three-day duration
This Target To-Go
Shall help you bestow
The latest consumer sensation
'Fore revenue slows to a trickle
The Post wants your very last nickel
The hike is not drastic
Demand's inelastic
And [...]