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Is Nationals Owner Ted Lerner an Asshole?

Without knowing him personally, it's hard to say whether Nationals owner Ted Lerner is an asshole. But Lerner does score pretty high on Mother Jones' new ranking of the asshole quotient of various Major League Baseball owners.
Lerner lands around the second tier of Major League owners, according to Mother Jones—less of an asshole than Astros' owner [...]

LivingSocial To Sponsor Late-Night Nationals Metro

Update, 5:01 p.m.: LivingSocial has been announced as the mystery third party who would sponsor late-night service for Nationals fans, according to WTOP's Adam Tuss.

The impasse over who will pay for late-night Metro services for Nationals fan may finally be resolved. Metro has just announced that it's going to make an announcement about the service [...]

The Needle: Nats Miss On Metro

Strikeout: The Nationals continue to not pay for extended Metro service after games, and it's not clear why (other than the money, obviously). -3
Imagined Communities: More news on the as-yet-unnamed "sports bar for women" concept from Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor Pad villain Chris Bukowski. At a Bachelor Pad screening last night, Bukowski said he hopes his [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Best Owner List Shocker: Leonsis Left Off! Worst Owner List Non-Shocker: Snyder, Lerners Left On!

Sports Illustrated released Top 5 best/worst owners lists for all the major sports. Our town's fabulously represented, though only on the dark side.
First off: Ted Leonsis somehow wasn't included among hockey's best. If there's ever been a more beloved sports owner in this town than Leonsis circa 2009, I can't remember him.
Hard to believe it's [...]

Are the Nationals Really Going to Pay Teixeira $23 Million a Year?

The Lerners, not resting after their big win in City Paper's Unsportsman of the Year balloting, are in the lead pack as another ridiculous contest winds down: The battle to see who will give Mark Teixeira the silliest contract of the offseason.
Sure, it'd be nice to have Teixeira around here: He’s from Anne Arundel County [...]