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So Then Why Are the Washington Capitals on AM Radio?

You may have heard that two of the cuddliest folks on the D.C. sports scene have been playing the feud.
Ted Leonsis, a fabulous sports owner turned blogger, went after sportstalk station WTEM-AM in a recent blog post after Thom Loverro, a fabulous newspaper columnist turned blogger (and WTEM host), called the Leonsis-owned Washington Wizards an [...]

Gay Hockey Is the New Black

I'm more awed by the minute at how swimmingly things have gone for PuckBuddys pretty much ever since the first blog dedicated to gay Washington Capitals fans  dove into the mainstream around New Year's Day.
Ted Leonsis was among the first to embrace the place. From the get-go and with no fanfare, the Caps owner [...]

Washington Wizards Thrown Back in the Bargain Bin!

Today, alongside halfsies offers for "three LipoLaser treatments" at Help for Health in Springfield and a "scrub" at Alexandria's Frizzles Salon and Spa, Groupon is offering fire-sale prices on Washington Wizards tickets.
From the Groupon pitch:
Choose from the following seating options:
* $150 for One Box VIP Ticket (a $225 value, including all you can eat and [...]

Washington Post to Sponsor Massive Loser Support Group!

The Washington Post has announced it's hosting a roundtable of area sports owners next week.
The gathering, titled “Scoring Big: The Business of Sports,” is headlined by Dan Snyder and Ted Leonsis, but the supporting cast will include Robert Tanenbaum and Marla Lerner Tanenbaum of the Nationals and D.C. United's Will Chang.
For now, this crowd should [...]

Washington Wizards/Groupon Alliance: Your Basic Internet Bargain, or Evidence of the Death of Season Tickets?

Last week, with the 2010-2011 NBA season on the verge of tipping off, Ted Leonsis threw Washington Wizards tickets onto the deal-of-the-day site Groupon. A whole lot of Wizards tickets. Wizards tickets, in fact, for every home game this season except for when a very few top-shelf opponents are in town—only games against "the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Orlando [...]

Mike Wise Is Really Getting Married?

Mike Wise went on the WJFK airwaves Wednesday and said he had to pay off a bet with co-workers. The Washington Post columnist and sportstalk host called his girlfriend during his radio show and, while others at the station could be heard giggling and begging both parties not to make the biggest mistake of their [...]

The Stink From Cologne: When Jagr Wins, Do We Lose?

I'm not ready to say Ted Leonsis would rather have lost the NBA draft lottery than lived through what happened in Cologne, Germany, over the weekend: Jaromir Jagr and the Czechs whupped Alex Ovechkin's defending champ Russians, 2-1, in the finals of the IIHF World Hockey Championships.
I'm not ready to say he wouldn't've, [...]

Chris Bosh Won’t Touch the Washington Wizards: Cheap Seats Daily Explains Why

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
Maybe it's too early to write off seeing LeBron James in a Wizards uniform. But the salutatorian of this year's NBA free-agent class, Chris Bosh, surely ain't coming to D.C.
Bosh just named the five squads he'll play for, and ours wasn't among 'em. AP [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Who Says Ted Leonsis = Dan Snyder?

The cost of jumping on the bandwagon, or just hanging on for the ride, went up this week. Ted Leonsis has hiked Washington Capitals ticket prices for next season.
"Ouch," says Mike Rucki from
Rucki writes that the tab for his seats went up "approximately 32%." The Great Dan Steinberg, in summarizing the inflation, says season [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Is Ralph Friedgen Now the NCAA Heavyweight Champ?

We were told last night that President Obama "has taken us beyond black and white in our politics."
Oh, for somebody to do the same for Georgetown basketball!
(Full disclosure: Repeatedly bringing up the role of race in the Hoyas basketball history will only do wonders for the value of my Tom Lang trading card collection. I [...]

District Limerick: MLK Day

Your volunteer prospects are grim
Since this has filled up to the brim
With cash, you are blessed?
Then let me suggest
You purchase the 'zards on a whim

Go quick, or you'll lose out to Ted
Who wants 'em, now Pollin is dead
He's willing to pay
'Cause the place where they play
Could get the Caps outta the red

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins Drop the Fictional 200,000-Name Waiting List, But Not Ticket Prices?

The lead sentence of yesterday's press release from the Washington Redskins, dated Jan. 13, 2010, announcing the team won't raise ticket prices: "The Redskins have announced that general admission ticket prices for the 2010 season will be unchanged, remaining at the same price for the fifth season in a row.
The lead sentence of last year's press release [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: How Bad Is Dan Snyder Pimping the Redskins Cheerleaders?

"How would you like to see the Redskins take on the Cowboys? — AND have the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders soap up and scrub down your car???"
Well? How would you like that?
Check out that ad!
It appears on the Web site for WTEM, Dan Snyder's sports talk station, to promote the latest listener contest. Top prize will [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Leonsis Says Caps Bigger Than Jesus?

Sally Jenkins goes after Dan Snyder like she'd invested in Six Flags. Her latest column reviews Snyder's historic star-struckitude and avoidance of personal accountability, and every paragraph is great and dead-on and brutal.
A sampling:
This is Snyder's team; he was intimately involved in assembling it. He keeps his favorite players on speed dial, watches practices on [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Caps Announcer Blows Off High School Reunion to Be With the Fans!

For the print edition of City Paper, I wrote yet another column about Charles Mann and Art Monk's debacle in Anacostia. The former Redskins spent a decade promising that community a job training center, and then sold the proposed site for more than 10 times what they paid the city to obtain it.
One fascinating (to [...]