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Dan Snyder Steals From a Dead Kennedy?

For the impossibly scrutable print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Dan Snyder's pinching the good name of Robert F. Kennedy.
OK, just the guy's good initials. But still. Snyder named the new party deck at FedExField the "RFK Standing Stomping Club" but never asked permission from the Kennedys or RFK Stadium's [...]

Morning Roundup: A Pickup Truck, Pot, and a Mercedes-Benz

Good morning, City Desk. Unless you're a Democrat. If you're a Democrat, it is not a good morning at all. If you're a Democrat, the world has pretty much ended. A Republican has been elected to fill the vacant Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. A Republican with a pickup truck! A pickup truck [...]

Mourning Roundup

The most amazing thing about Ted Kennedy's death: There are no commemorative newspapers for sale. The Boston Globe is running a special 12-page section today, but so far no Michael Jackson- or Obama-style tributes. This is a slap in the face to the American way of mourning, second stage of which involves opening your wallet [...]

Our Morning Roundup: First Dog Edition

*INDOGURATION UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, following the President's latest round of cautious optimism, Ted Kennedy presented the Obama famiy with Bo, a six-month-old Portugese water dog .  The Post has video, a bombastic lede, and some Us Weekly-worthy niceties:
About 10 minutes later the First Family emerged again, racing up the hill, with the president doing a [...]