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Taxicab Commission Meeting Turns Chaotic, so Chairman Cancels it

D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton adjourned the commission's monthly meeting earlier today after about an hour as hundreds of cab drivers loudly jeered him—the latest sign that the acrimonious relationship between taxi drivers and the city won't be healed anytime soon.
"This is [Linton's] attitude," said Taxicab Commissioner Stanley Tapscott, who's been a driver for more [...]

Teamsters and Cabbies Sue City to Stop Impounding Taxis

The alliance between D.C.'s cab drivers and the Teamsters labor union has made its first move—a lawsuit calling for the District to stop impounding cabs that do not meet the new modernization requirements until the city can prove the credit card system is reliable and there are enough dome lights available for installation.
The lawsuit—filed Tuesday [...]

Hundreds of Cab Drivers Show Up for Inaugural Meeting With Teamsters

D.C. cab drivers are pissed about the high costs of city-mandated modernization, so on Tuesday, about 800 of them packed into a union building on Ames Street NE for the first meeting of a new partnership between drivers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. From the sounds of it, they already had the labor union thing [...]

Barred From the Job Until Wednesday, Striking Washington Hospital Center Nurses Take to Irving Street

With negotiations stalled, striking nurses at Washington Hospital Center today took to Irving Street NW, picketing the region's largest hospital.
Wearing red scrubs, the color of National Nurses United, several hundred protesters held signs and chanted slogans, angry over a cut in pay and what they say is dangerous understaffing.
“They [hospital officials] need to negotiate with [...]