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The Friday Limerick Review

As proof that the Post can be stuffy
They're turning DeBonis less scruffy
Goodbye Sally Quinn
And hello, Mike's chin!
His hair and her column…both fluffy
Why stop, here's another cheap shot:
So how 'bout those numbers Vince got?!
The data provided
Counts just folks "decided"
And what does that mean? Not a lot
This race needs a little more heat
But now it at least [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

For once, city workers can smirk
Today, they alone don't have work
With boozing extended
Life's even more splendid!
There's one word for them and it's: jerk.
Once freed from their desk or a meeting
Perhaps D.C. lackeys are tweeting
Now saved for posterity
All your hilarity
Twitter. No longer so fleeting…
The Summit is now in the past
Commutes are no longer harassed
One lesson to [...]

Gandhi Tells Rhee That $34M Surplus ‘Does Not Exist’

Yet another 180-degree twist in the teacher contract saga.
Two days after Chancellor Michelle Rhee told D.C. Council members that she would pay for a groundbreaking teacher contract, in part, with $34 million in surplus funds, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi today posted a letter to Rhee telling her there is in fact no such [...]

DCPS Surplus Revelation Threatens to Blow Up Teacher Contract Deal

A week after a new D.C. Public Schools teacher contract proposal was rolled out with great fanfare, fiscal revelations aired today leave its ultimate implementation very much in doubt.
Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Washington Teachers' Union head George Parker appeared at a D.C. Council administrative meeting earlier today to brief councilmembers on the agreement. [...]

DCPS Teacher Contract to Be Unveiled; Big Raises Funded By $65M in Private Money

The D.C. Public Schools and the Washington Teachers' Union are set to unveil their long-awaited contract proposal, bringing to a close negotiations that have dragged on for the duration of Chancellor Michelle Rhee's tenure.
An announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, debuting an agreement that would offer city teachers significant raises plus [...]