Posts Tagged ‘TBD’ to Launch Capitol Hill Neighborhood Publication

The publisher of is planning to launch a local online news publication covering the Capitol Hill area sometime this fall.
Scott Brodbeck, the founder of the publishing company Local News Now, said the news outlet will broadly cover the Capitol Hill, H Street NE, and Navy Yard neighborhoods, though it is still figuring out its exact [...]

The Needle: R.I.P., Joe

Mogul Passes: Joe L. Allbritton, whose Allbritton Communications was behind Politico, WJLA, and, uh, TBD, died today at 87. Allbritton's Riggs National Bank also laundered money for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, which made for some interesting disparities in coverage between the Post and Allbritton-owned outlets. -4
Passenger Passed Over: Popular bar The Passenger will likely close [...]

Goodnight, Sweet Prince: TBD Disappears From the Web

Once-promising news start-up TBD has been a ghost ship for a while now—transportation reporter John Hendel, the site's last employee, left in June—but now even its reposting of WJLA stories is over. Former TBDer Jenny Rogers noticed today that TBD's web address now redirects to WJLA's website.
TBD made it around two years and a week [...]

TBD Loses Its Last Employee

Allbritton's long-ailing TBD experiment is even closer to meeting its demise. Since May, TBD's staff has consisted of transportation blogger John Hendel, down from 35 editorial employees at its height in 2010.
Now Hendel, who writes the TBD On Foot blog, is leaving TBD to report on telecommunications policy for D.C.-based Warren Communications. When Hendel leaves at [...]

Fewer People Have Died In Traffic Accidents This Year

TBD's lone ranger John Hendel reports that only six people have died in traffic accidents since the beginning of the year—putting D.C. on track to having fewer traffic fatalities than it's had in 17 years.
This drop in traffic fatalities suggests that perhaps all our initiatives, from traffic safety officers to better biking infrastructure to signs [...]

TBD Down to 1.5 Employees

The slow demise of erstwhile local news site continues. News editor Ryan Kearney is leaving the site after tomorrow, he tells Washington City Paper.
That will leave TBD with only 1.5 editorial employees on staff: transportation reporter John Hendel and special projects reporter Rebecca Armendariz, who splits time between TBD and WJLA, the TV station [...]

Why Bikeshare Data Doesn’t Speak for Everyone on a Bike

Sound the data siren: Virginia Tech's released a study about Capital Bikeshare, "A Closer Look at Casual Users and Operations"! Though there's one surprising nugget—51.33 percent of Bikeshare riders are female, while only around 30 percent of cyclists in the District in total are female—the other statistics are probably what one would expect: 78.17 percent [...]

FOIA’d! Crime Data From District Schools Available

I've been spending a good chunk of the morning sorting and re-sorting this list of the crimes that have occurred in District schools since 2009. TBD submitted a Freedom of Information Act request a few months ago and the documents finally started rolling in.
TBD has also made the list available in a downloadable spreadsheet, and [...]

@FishbowlDC vs. @ABeaujon

Fishbowl D.C. editor (and former Washington City Paper cover subject) Betsy Rothstein and arts editor (and former City Paper managing editor) Andrew Beaujon matched up yesterday in a Twitter battle for the ages. Though since Beaujon and Rothstein wind up in Twitter spats nearly weekly, maybe it wasn't quite for the ages... but it [...]

The Needle: Navigation Edition

Fully Unloaded: The job of D.C. Council chairman just got a lot less attractive; sure, there's the $190,000 annual salary, and the ability to boss around the other members of the legislature (though admittedly, that only goes so far). But as of today, Kwame Brown no longer gets a car. Mayor Vince Gray, apparently realizing [...]

Two Weeks Ago, TBD Was Told “No Layoffs”

Today's news that would be laying off 12 staffers, dropping most of its sports and news coverage, and retrenching as a "niche" arts and entertainment site wasn't entirely unexpected. Just two weeks ago, Allbritton executives announced that they were putting the site under the direction of WJLA-TV general manager Bill Lord and dropping the [...]

TBD’s Night of the Long Knives

Allbritton Communications is giving up on its efforts to reinvent local news for the online era.
Staffers at, launched with great fanfare by Politico's parent company last summer, were informed one at a time this morning by editor Erik Wemple that significant layoffs were on the way, and then told whether they were among those [...]

The Needle: Craig Goes to Congress Edition

Constituent Service: Members of the House may not get quite as much respect around D.C. as senators do—after all, there's a lot more of 'em running around. On the other hand, they're still recognizable enough that they probably shouldn't be trying to pick up chicks on Craigslist, which Rep. Chris Lee, a New York Republican, [...]

TBD Tries Softcore Porn!

Looking for a new site to help you get the juices flowing? TBD might be able to help you out (with photos and video!):
Gaitán asked me to start with a slow dribble out of my mouth. “Try to look sad,” she said. I let the corn syrup pass through my lips, and down my chin, [...]

Tracking the ‘Scary’ Bay Bridge Meme

Did you hear the big news? The esteemed folks at Travel & Leisure magazine named Maryland's Bay Bridge one of the most scary in all the world! It's No. 9 on the list!
Today, the scary bridge news was mentioned by NBCWashington ("bloodcurdling"), DCist, and The Washington Post's Lori's AM Buzz.
Both WBAL-TV and The Baltimore Sun [...]