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D.C. Cabs Could Soon Be All Red

D.C. cabs could soon be, finally, getting a uniform color. This morning, the "One Color Panel," set up to consider the cab color, recommended that the color scheme should be red.
That should be a relief to opponents of the original proposed multi-color schemes, which were unpopular because they were very ugly. Also likely to be [...]

Cab Driver Loses His License for Punching a Passenger

The next time you accuse your cab driver of cheating you, there's now a slightly smaller chance you'll get a beatdown. As of yesterday, passenger-punching cabbie Kefyalew Teshome is out of the D.C. cab game entirely.
Late at night on March 3, 2012, Teshome was driving a passenger downtown when the passenger accused Teshome of inappropriately [...]

Uber Launches Cab Service for D.C.

Now that its legal status in the District has been settled, sedan service Uber is after a new market: taxi dispatch. In a release today, the service announced the addition of taxis to its popular app-based service.
So far, Uber-dispatched cabs will only be available for trips starting in the District. Cab trips would be cheaper [...]

Uber Expects Inauguration Price Surge

If you're planning to use now-legal sedan service Uber to get between parties in the days leading up to the inauguration, get ready to pay. The company expects to implement surge pricing for the inauguration, according to general manager Rachel Holt.
Uber's surge pricing—meant to encourage more drivers to get on the streets—can make the usual [...]

Cyclist Wants $70,000 for Capitol Hill Dooring

Dooring—the unexpected opening of a car door in the path of a bike—can be the bane of urban cyclists. Now one biker who says he was injured when a taxi door opened in front of him is suing the driver, the cab company—and the federal government.
Eastern Market resident Micah Dammeyer was headed north on 1st [...]

Free Taxi SoberRide Program Returns

So you indulged in a few too many bourbon-laced eggnogs and found yourself throwing back shots with the interns at the holiday office party. Bed is calling. But how are you getting home?
Thankfully for you and many other D.C. residents, SoberRide is back. Running from last Friday until Jan. 1, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s [...]

Taxi Commission Chair Not Surprised by Color Uproar

Judging by their tweets, many Washingtonians don't like the proposed D.C. cab color scheme. They're not alone. The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission announced five more design proposals this morning, and some members of the D.C. Council now want to override the selection process, the Post reports. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sounds the most disappointed of [...]

#VoteDCTaxi: None of the Above

Mayor Vince Gray unveiled four of the nine proposed taxi color schemes yesterday, and the reaction has been tepid at best. Councilmember Mary Cheh, whose bill mandating a uniform taxi color scheme is the whole reason we're having this debate, sounded like a scientist discovering her misshapen experiments, telling the Post that she thought that [...]

The Needle: Taxi to the Dark Side

Cab Calamity: The District has released four cab paint designs, which range from "hideous" to "not as hideous as the other three." Councilmember Mary Cheh declares some of the designs "horrid." -5
RGIII Recuperating: Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III could get over his sprained ligament injury in time for next Sunday's game. +3

Reporter Goes To Catch A Predator on Racist Cab Drivers

Washington's full of journalists, but it's sadly lacking in a certain kind of media type: the histrionic local TV news "I-Team" reporter. D.C. has the requisite corrupt politicians, so why can't we get somebody to ambush them with a microphone and camera crew?
Maybe we're about to. When I first heard that WUSA9 reporter and Anderson [...]

The Needle: Rock Creek Deer Safe…for Now

Oh Deer: A scheduled cull of Rock Creek Park deer is on hold after activists file-d lawsuits opposing the slaughter, according to opponents of the cull. +1
Newspaper Shuttered: Warren Buffett's Media General newspaper chain is closing the Manassas News & Messenger and the Inside NOVA website. -5

Capitol Hill Loves Capitol Hill, According to New Uber Data

Controversial sedan service/possible John Galt front group Uber has come out with new data about its fares in Washington, and one thing is obvious: Capitol Hill residents really like staying in Capitol Hill.
Uber tried to find out which neighborhoods in the cities it covers have the most trips between them, but the data revealed that [...]

Cab Commission Adds $15 Emergency Surcharge to Cab Rides

Well, that didn't last long. While the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission hadn't decided this morning whether it would authorize a $15 emergency charge on taxi rides in the city, Taxi Cab Commission chair Ron Linton announced this afternoon that the fee is now in effect.
The $15 added on to the regular metered fee will last [...]

Cabbies Crabby Over End of Gas Surcharge

The D.C. Taxicab Commission's $1 fuel surcharge on cab rides expired Wednesday. While customers may welcome the lower fare charge, District taxi drivers aren’t pleased.
“There is no fair rationale behind that,” Yellow Cab Company driver John Mills says. “They shouldn’t be able to just stick their finger up in the air and say the surcharge [...]

Thomas Friedman on D.C. Cabs: “I Can Tell You More About the Cabs in Cairo”

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman spoke at a District government conference on job creation and workforce development today. Mayor Vince Gray, enamored of one of Friedman’s books, invited the foreign policy guru to talk. The author gave a pretty standard speech, basically a summary of his most recent book. What wasn’t standard was the price: Friedman [...]