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Can You Catch a Cab Today?

Yes, but don't hold your breath.

Office of Human Rights Launches Inquiry Into Cab Commission Over Discrimination Complaints

The city's Office of Human Rights launched a "director's inquiry" this week into the D.C. Taxicab Commission's handling of complaints that city cabs are not picking up customers based on their race or disability.
The inquiry comes in response a WUSA9 undercover investigation that found that 33 percent of cab drivers passed by black passengers trying to [...]

Two Thousand Cabs Could Be Without Credit Card Readers on Oct. 1 Deadline

Come Oct. 1, as many as 2,000 of D.C.'s taxi cab fleet may still be without an electronic payment reader. That would mean nearly a third of the city's cabs had missed both the original Sept. 1 deadline to have a reader installed and the extended Oct. 1 deadline.
Back in August, the TaxiCab Commission said [...]

The Needle: Smoke Weed Evryday Edition

Swipe Delay: D.C.'s entire taxi fleet was supposed to add credit-card readers by the end of this summer, but some services that are installing the devices can now apply for a one-month extension. -1
Pot Bubble: If you're one of the few Washingtonians who are able to legally purchase medical marijuana, you should feel good about [...]

Taxi Fares Go Up Today, Sort Of

Starting today, the minimum price of a D.C. cab ride goes up from $3 to $3.25. But there's a catch.
In order to charge the additional 25 cents, drivers need to get the long-awaited credit card machines installed in their cabs. The drivers have until August 31 to get the machines. From now until the end [...]

Chatty Taxi Drivers Earn Suspensions

Drive around the District and it's easy to see—cab drivers like hanging out at gas stations. For two cabbies, though, their passion for gas station chitchat could lead to the end of their careers.
Drivers Sharanjit Singh and Ephream Esheterom had their licenses suspended indefinitely today by the D.C. Taxicab Commission, all because they wouldn't leave [...]

Taxi Sting Reveals Cabbies Ignoring Nearly Half of Disabled Passengers

Local TV sting-meister Russ Ptacek returned to the taxi discrimination beat yesterday, and he still doesn't like what he sees.
This time, instead of testing how many drivers passed up black passengers, Ptacek saw how they reacted to people with disabilities. The results were ugly—48 percent of the cabs Ptacek and his crew tested wouldn't pick [...]

D.C. Cabs Should Accept Credit Cards By End of August, Commission Says

You'd be forgiven for being skeptical after so many delays, but the D.C. Taxicab Commission voted today to require that all D.C. cabs install the equipment to accept credit card payments by Aug. 31. For real this time.
But it's not all good news for passengers: The new meters will also come with a $0.25 base [...]

New Cab Design Is Inspired by Circulator Buses

The D.C. Taxicab Commission voted on the long-awaited uniform color scheme. As reported earlier this week, it's going to be red with a gray strip—see it above on a Ford Crown Victoria. In a press release, the commission compares the design to the DC Circulator buses.
Take a look after the jump to see how it [...]

Report: D.C. Cabs Will Be Red With Gray Stripe

Washington's long-running debate over what uniform color scheme D.C. cabs should adopt will finally be over Wednesday when the D.C. Taxicab Commission announces the design. But NBC 4's Tom Sherwood is already reporting that the cabs will be mostly red with a gray stripe.
In February, the "One Color Panel" set up by the commission decided [...]

Former Uber Driver Won’t Be Charged With Rape

The Uber-driver alleged rape story—which featured accusatory listserv emails, surveillance camera footage, and the arrest and abrupt release of the driver without charges last month—is over. The Post reports that prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against the driver.
The decision not to file changes came after discrepancies were discovered between statements from the woman and [...]

Taxi Regulators “Surprised” At Sidecar Ridesharing Service’s Launch

Ridesharing service Sidecar, which allows people to turn their cars into taxis, launches today in the District. As expected, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission is perplexed.
Sidecar, which has already been operating in eight other U.S. cities, matches passengers with cars via a phone app. Unlike other app-dispatch services like Uber, though, Sidecar's drivers are ordinary [...]

Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Customer for Burping

A little gas can cause big trouble. Sedan service Uber finds itself the subject of a lawsuit—and with one fewer driver—after a customer's burp allegedly sent the driver into anti-American, anti-gay rant.
The trouble started on Feb. 13, 2012, according to a case filed last month in D.C. Superior Court. Arlington resident Seth Bender ordered an [...]

New D.C. Cab-Like Service Could Be Free

If you thought Uber made D.C. regulators' heads spin, just wait for SideCar, a ride-sharing service set to launch in the District sometime in the spring. Unlike Uber or traditional taxi services, anyone can sign up to be a driver for SideCar, and passengers don't even have to pay anything.
SideCar, which is already operating in [...]

Red Cab Idea Not Popular With Yellow Cab

While the all-red color scheme recommended for D.C. cabs today may be a relief to anyone worried about a more complicated design, a taxi company that's built its name on another color scheme isn't as thrilled. Yellow Cab Company, the District cab dispatch concern whose cabs are actually black and orange, plans to fight the move [...]