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The Blotter: They Don’t Call It A ‘Hack’ License for Nothing

You Just Lost Your Tip, Buddy: A cab driver reportedly pulled a knife on a rider after refusing to give change for a $20. On June 12,  at about 1:15 a.m, a man tried to pay for his cab ride to a spot on the 1900 block of 17th Street NW with a $20 bill. The cabbie refused to make change. [...]

Photos: Back to Work

Breaking: Read the Taxicab Indictments; Suspects Tried To Bribe Leon Swain Jr.

Today, 27 individuals have been arrested in connection with the growing taxicab bribery scandal. Moments ago, two indictments were unsealed. You can read them here and here. Nearly 30 individuals have been indicted in federal court.
One indictment concerns three individuals: Yitbarek Syume, Berhane Leghese, and Amanuel Ghirmazion. They have been charged with bribing and conspiring [...]

Jim Graham Postpones Hearing on Taxicab Bill

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham has announced he's postponing a hearing on his taxicab medallion bill, one day after his chief of staff was arrested for accepting a bribe to influence it.
The hearing, which had been scheduled for Oct. 1, is being delayed to an unspecified date "[i]n light of the current context of events."
Graham's [...]