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Cab Drivers Rally for Another Credit Card Reader Extension, Commission Says No

District cab drivers have had 120 days and two deadline extensions to retrofit their cabs with electronic payment readers. The D.C. Taxicab Commission is saying enough is enough, and come Oct. 1, any cab caught without a credit card reader will be towed.
But about 200 cab drivers gathered Wednesday in Freedom Plaza to rally against [...]

Photo: Man Hailing Taxi

H Street NW, September 5

More Than 60 Percent of Cabs Won’t Have Credit Card Readers by Sept. 1 Deadline

The long-awaited Sept. 1 celebration when every single D.C. cab would allow credit card payment is now 30 more days away.
About 4,200 District cabs said they would not meet the D.C. Taxicab Commission's Sept. 1 deadline to install electronic payment readers in their cabs and applied to the agency for a 30-day extension. That amounts [...]

The Needle: ¡Ay, Que Calor! Edition

Yes, Actually, It Is Hot Enough For Me: Leave town. Now. That's the only reasonable advice for how to deal with the early heat wave that's suffocating the region today—it is, after all, still only spring. The high temperature at National Airport was 102 degrees, tying a record first set in 1874, and combined with [...]

How to Fight Cab Rape

If, walking down the street, you suddenly realize you're being followed, or you're too drunk to make it home safely on your own, hailing a taxi is usually a fine idea. But Saturday, The Washington Post reported that there might be a reason not to: A man posing as a cabbie has been sexually assaulting women.
District [...]

D.C. Cab Drivers Aren’t Fond of Blind People with Guide Dogs, Study Shows

Seeing person or blind person with a guide dog? A recent civil rights watchdog group study showed that D.C. cabbies will pass by the blind person and their dog in favor of a sighted person down the road 50 percent of the time. Busted!
The Equal Rights Center study was based on 30 tests in the [...]

Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s Cab Driver Fights Back, Sticks to Ride-and-Ditch Story

Thought Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) vs. cabbie Abraham Habteab was over? Of course not! No one lets the man get you down, especially cab drivers who want their $8 cab fare paid back. And no one wants to be thrown under the bus by a stingy congressman.
Last week, Habteab picked up Nadler at Union Station. [...]

No last call for SoberRide, after all

Go ahead and drink all you want this holiday weekend: free cabs will be around to tote you home from the bar once again.
Just before the Fourth of July, the organizers of SoberRide managed to scrape together the $31,000 they needed to keep the program running. MillerCoors kicked in $15,000 (which, presumably, it'll make back [...]

Photo: All Hail Red Top

12th and P, NW. © 2010 Matt Dunn

The Blotter: They Don’t Call It A ‘Hack’ License for Nothing

You Just Lost Your Tip, Buddy: A cab driver reportedly pulled a knife on a rider after refusing to give change for a $20. On June 12,  at about 1:15 a.m, a man tried to pay for his cab ride to a spot on the 1900 block of 17th Street NW with a $20 bill. The cabbie refused to make change. [...]

Photo: Woman in Taxi

Photo: Men With Hats Hailing Taxi

H Street NW. © Matt Dunn 2010

Ted Loza Speaks: ‘This Is Bullshit’

LL cycled down through the drizzle to the District's federal courthouse this morning to catch a hearing in the Ted Loza bribery case.
Things have been rather quiet in the prosecution of Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's former chief of staff, and LL was hoping prosecutors might be filing the new charges they've indicated that might [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Adams Morgan Partiers Collateral Damage in Cab Driver Strike

The Issue: This weekend, anyone in Adams Morgan between 1 and 4 a.m., (read: drunk college students) will be walking home—DC cab drivers have decided to boycott the area north of U Street, south of Harvard Street, west of 16th street, and east of Connecticut Avenue. Frat boys are the latest casualties in the ongoing [...]