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National Journal and Uber Form Convention Cross-Promotion Juggernaut

It's been a good week for luxury sedan service and D.C. Taxi Cab Commission bête noire Uber. The company's officially legal in Massachusetts, and now, it's signed a deal with Washington's premiere purveyor of news and slideshows, National Journal. In the deal, Uber will offer reduced rates to National Journal events at the Democratic and Republican conventions in [...]

Uber v. Taxis: Whoever Wins, We Lose

While Mary Cheh's push to regulate luxury cab service Uber has stalled for now, some recent tough talk from D.C. taxi commission head Ron Linton suggests such efforts will return eventually.  Hopefully the attempt to regulate Uber will focus on the fracas's real victims: people who find both sides despicable.
Washington's news spectators have been pretty lucky [...]