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The Saddest Holiday Video You Will See This Year

This is sad unless you like city leaders failing to implement a tax reform bill they already passed. If the D.C. Council doesn't act, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute believes the city could face another $20 million in budget cuts. Enjoy the grainy footage, sad music, and scary stats:

Transparency Is Awesome: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—'Robert Wone's 'Meticulous' Habits Contrary to Cluttered Crime Scene," "Voice of Maureen Bunyan Pivotal To Robert Wone Case," "EMS Worker Was Suspicious of Robert Wone [...]

Photo: Tax Man

Columbia Road, NW © 2010 Matt Dunn

Map of D.C. Property Assessments

Curious about how property values have held up in D.C. neighborhoods? Check this map—click to enlarge:

And here's a table of neighborhood values, arranged from greatest decline to least:

City Property Assessments Drop by 6 Percent

The assessed value of city property has dropped by about six percent since a year ago, the Office of Tax and Revenue announced this morning.
But the news might not be great for homeowners looking for a break on their upcoming tax bills: Most of the drop is due to falling commercial property values; residential properties [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Marion Barry

”I was just distracted, frankly.”
—Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, Feb. 10

What Getting a Tax Refund Could Cost You

For three months of the year—tax season—Don and his wife, Linda, move into an office above a jumbo slice shop in Adams Morgan. In the third-floor space, there's a futon where they sleep at night. By day, it's set up as a spot for clients to talk with Linda, who does the initial work on [...]

Feds: Barry Stopped Paying D.C. Back Taxes in July

UPDATE, 3:35 P.M.: Nickles will pursue garnishment of wages—details at bottom of post.
Federal prosecutors this afternoon filed court documents saying not only did Marion Barry not file his federal tax return, but that he failed for seven months to repay back taxes owed the very government he's been elected to serve.
The revelations come in a [...]

Proposed Streetlight Fee Will Cost You $51 a Year

The FY2010 budget proposal submitted by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on Friday contained a number of fee hikes. Many of those are intended to fall on businesses, but there was one that will fall broadly on District residents: A "Street Light User Fee," intended to "cover the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of [...]

Barry to Colleagues: Shut Up

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's had a tough couple of weeks. The Washington Post reported that he never filed a 2007 tax return, reopening a longstanding drama; then federal prosecutors decided they wanted him thrown in jail. He even made Leno.
In these troubling times, Barry has a simple request for his council colleagues: Shut the [...]

Prosecutors: Leave Barry Alone

Now, Marion Barry is telling Bruce Johnson that his new tax problem was a result of a serious medical condition. So yeah people now are going to quiz Barry about his prostate and poke at his bad kidneys, inspect his rusty pimp strut, and analyze his weak handshake (not sure about the handshake). All of [...]