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Cost of Planned Wizards’ Practice Arena Stirs Debate

A bill before the D.C. Council would limit the District's contribution to the project at $50 million.

Analysis: D.C. Families’ Tax Burden Lower Than Other Jurisdictions

That's true across income levels, too.

What’s Next for D.C.’s Paid-Leave Proposal?

Councilmembers and experts weigh in on the future of what could be the most generous such program in the country.

Analysis: D.C. Relies a Lot on Fines and Fees For Revenue Compared to Neighbors

D.C. has ways to collect revenue other than taxes. But how much money are we talking about?

The Needle: Taco Trouble

Worlds Colliding: Logan Circle toolbag hive El Centro D.F. is expanding to toolbag neighborhood Georgetown. -1
Treats on Wheel: Starting today, Washington has a bike-borne gourmet ice cream sandwich vendor. +2

Georgetown Cupcake: Tax Scofflaws?

Will the customers waiting in line outside Georgetown Cupcake soon be joined by tax agents? The Washington Business Journal reports that the District has filed a tax lien against the trendy shop for a whopping $189,282.71 in taxes, penalties, and interest. In other words, the equivalent of about 68,727 cupcakes.
According to the lien, available below, [...]

Donald Trump Wants to Avoid D.C. Taxes

Insatiable media hog Donald Trump is no fan of high taxes in public policy, and he's sticking to that position in his business life. The Washington Business Journal reports that Trump's organization has been trying to wriggle out of paying District taxes on its Old Post Office hotel development.
Since the Old Post Office is a [...]

Graham Reverses On Sunday Liquor Sales

Despite what he said last week, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham is not going to support allowing Sunday liquor sales after all, Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:
Graham said that rather than use the Sunday sales revenue to help defeat Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s proposal to extend late-night bar hours, he would instead opt for an increase [...]

Today’s Top Three Corruption Stories!

While perusing the morning's news for District Line Daily (are you subscribed?), we noticed that today had lots of city employee corruption news! Let's review:
1) Those two WMATA employees have pleaded guilty to stealing $445,000 in coins: "Horace Dexter McDade, 58, of Bowie, and John Vincent Haile, 54, of Woodbridge each pleaded to two counts [...]

The Tax Man Always Rings Twice

This year, even folks on top of their tax deadlines came out on the wrong end of the Office of Tax and Revenue’s fining machine.
Over the course of two years, the OTR changed the filing date for small business tax returns not once but twice—first extending the deadline to January 2012, then dialing it back [...]

The Needle: IRS Set Him Up Edition

I Can't Pay My Taxes: Being on the D.C. Council comes with a few perks—the chance to weigh in on important matters of public policy, the ability to use donations from powerful business interests to buy things to make your constituents like you, free Lady Gaga tickets. And oh, yes, also an average salary of [...]

Did You Hear The One About The Guy Who Owes Nearly $18 Million in Taxes?

No really. And how does this even happen? The Post's Tim Craig tried to find out but was told the circumstances are confidential.
In a warning to those who owe the District, authorities seized a Chevy Chase man’s rights to his house because he allegedly owes more than $17 million in back city taxes.
The action, completed [...]

The Needle: Popcorn Tax Edition

Let's All Go To The Lobby And Pay Some Taxes: Seeing movies in the theaters these days is an expensive proposition. There's the tickets themselves, which cost more than $10. There's the Metro fare to the theater. There's the $7 monthly payment to Netflix that meant you could have just held out a few months [...]

The Needle: How to Disappear Completely Edition

Everything In Its Right Place: In retrospect, the idea that one of the biggest rock bands in the world would want to do a literature drop at a random street corner in Brightwood Park should have seemed off to begin with. But that didn't stop people from getting excited about the prospect that Radiohead's The [...]

The Needle: Better Draw a District Edition

Gerrymandering for the People: Census figures out yesterday meant two things—one, the decennial shock that the city's demographics changed, and two, we now know what wards need to grow or shrink as the city redistricts its political boundaries. (Alas, we also know that despite gaining nearly 30,000 residents, we will continue to have a grand [...]