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After WAMU Donation, Cheh, Nnamdi, Sherwood Get Inked

"This reminds me of Civil War surgery," the councilmember said.

Ink Progress: D.C. Wants New Tattoo Regulations. Bollocks.

Paul Roe is staring at the naked back of a customer, admiring his colleague’s work. “The palate matches her complexion,” Roe tells fellow tattoo artist Aaron Trimiar of his just-completed design, a floral pattern stretching from the middle of the customer’s back to her shoulder blade. “She can wear anything with this and it will [...]

Want a Tattoo? D.C. Might Make You Wait 24 Hours

The District may be giving New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's nanny state a run for its money with its latest tattoo and piercing policies.
The Department of Health posted proposed regulations Friday for tattoos and body piercings in the District. Tucked on page 11 of the 66-page document is a draconian idea (at least in [...]

Photos: DC Tattoo Expo

Defense Plans To Call Tattoo Expert in Levy Trial

As the Chandra Levy trial rolls on, the proceedings will eventually dwell on a creepy theory: Authorities believe murder suspect Ingmar Guandique has a portrait of his victim tattooed on his chest. H Street tattoo artist Paul Roe may be setting them straight.
In 2008, D.C. cops checked out Guandique in a California prison, [...]

Photo: Ink

Columbia Heights, July 12

Photo: Monday, in Transit

City Desk Seeks Fresh Harold Brazil Jokes ASAP!

This employee of City Desk Operations Inc. has waited and waited for a snarky blog post from LL on the Harold Brazil arrest (holy #$%%@!). DCist expressed shock hours ago!
WTOP's Mark Segraves had it first. The Post got the story too.
Damn. What a story. Former bubbling councilmember gets into a fight at a tattoo shop! [...]