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The Needle: Magic Statehood Bus Edition

Statehood Rides the Bus: Hot on the heels commissioning of pro-statehood TV spots that only ran on the D.C. government's cable Channel 16, District patriots today rolled out pro-statehood advertisements that will run on...the sides of Metrobuses. That surely guarantees more viewers than tune in to watch old mayoral press conferences, but, especially with bus [...]

Virginia Is For Lovers (And Lovers Of Voters)

Happy 19th wedding anniversary, Michelle and Barack Obama! Hope all is well. Truth be told, we have a minor bone to pick with you: Where's the love for D.C. businesses?
First, the first lady was spotted at an Alexandria Target store, skipping the Columbia Heights Target (which is only a short ride up from 1600 Pennsylvania [...]

Missoni Madness At Target

I guess I should have known that when a fashion-forward pal tweeted early this morning that she was in line at the Arlington Boulevard Target, in Falls Church, Va., the Missoni for Target collection was a big deal.
Everything went pretty quickly, according to reports from across the country. Within eight minutes of opening, in Falls [...]

The Needle: Gay Marriage Turns 1 Edition

Happy Anniversary!: One year ago today, the institution of marriage came under a withering assault here in the District, when same-sex unions were first allowed after the mandatory six-day wait for a license (the law took effect March 3). Or at least, so the forces who want to deny a basic human right to people [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

We all have our groc'ry routines
And times when our rice just needs beans
If Giant is trouble
Your options soon double
When Target adds fresh leafy greens
If Metro is not how you travel
You know nearby "streets" are just gravel
To lighten your moods
The street work concludes
Before we are all start to unravel
The verdict came down on their side
The three [...]

Photos: Good Friday

Weekend In Review: Tommy Wells On Race And The Bag Tax

Today's "storm" is expected to be nothing more than a dusting for us snow vets. And yet that extra inch or two of snow will only make digging out my car that much more difficult. Yes, I have one of the few cars that are still completely buried in snow. I'm waiting for shovels to [...]

Can You Still Go To Brunch? Yes. Target? No.

So what the hell is actually open right now? Plenty. The District still loves to eat brunch even in these conditions. Here is a list of places currently open for business. We will update throughout the day:
3:10 p.m. Update:
The Diner: The Adams Morgan restaurant is open. It has no plans on shutting down its 24-hour [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

All's fair in love, war, and campaigns
Here's one of Hizzoner's refrains:
(We may not compare
To students at Blair)
But math scores show huge freakin' gains
For shoppers, a new destination
But only a three-day duration
This Target To-Go
Shall help you bestow
The latest consumer sensation
'Fore revenue slows to a trickle
The Post wants your very last nickel
The hike is not drastic
Demand's inelastic
And [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Target Wine Edition

Bloomingdale (for now) reports on the groundbreaking ceremony for St. Martin's Apartments complex, providing pictures and context for the somewhat controversial project. The controversy? The Eckington building will be setting aside 50 units for homeless individuals. Residents say that's just warehousing. Homeless advocates say the new housing program works and has worked in New York [...]