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The Needle: Game 7 Edition

Fun City U.S.A.: Time for another installment of meaningless national rankings and arbitrary statistics! Today's focus: Fun! Which is why we're using exclamation marks on every sentence in this item! Trident, the chewing gum company, asked residents of big cities how fun their area was, and D.C. ranked 7th! In the country! For some reason, [...]

Michaele Salahi’s Husband Is Selling Her Underwear For Charity

Remember when Real Housewives of D.C. and White House party crasher Michaele Salahi was probably not missing? And then it turned out she just left her husband for the guitarist for Journey? Yeah. Well, now the wronged Tareq Salahi is striking selling her panties "for charity."
Photo by striatic via Flickr / Creative Commons Attribution [...]

Cops Don’t Think D.C. Real Housewife Was Really Kidnapped

D.C.'s famously infamous "power couple," Michaele and Tareq Salahi, are at the center of media attention again, this time for a more chilling reason than being obnoxious. Tareq Salahi is claiming his wife, a former Real Housewives of D.C. co-star, might be in danger, since he hasn't seen her since Tuesday. But according [...]

White House Party-Crashers Throw $40 to Clark Ray

A fabulous day for political hacks in the District of Columbia: It's campaign finance reporting day!
Some early returns: Clark Ray, challenger for the Democratic at-large seat, puts in a decent showing with $80,382 raised in total, with $42,068 still in the bank (plus a $15,000 loan due to the candidate).
The report for the incumbent, Phil [...]

Michaele Salahi Got Through the White House Gates. Would Michelle Ann Holt Have Gotten Through?

All the stories devoted to the White House security breach refer to the distaff half of the gate crashing duo as "Michaele Salahi."
That's a cool name, one fit for a socialite and state dinner diner.
But in Docket #GT08011085-00 from the Fauquier County courts, a routine traffic case from 2007, the same lady was just plain [...]