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The Needle: A Great Big Bushy Beard

Beardos: Will this new street style blog for D.C. beards and the faces they live on take off? Should we want it to? One thing is for sure: having a beard can too easily take over your whole existence. Take the site's inaugural beard model: "Ian says that it’s become the main [...]

The Needle: Takoma Park Goes Nuclear

Hot Hot Heat: It doesn't just feel like it—D.C. is the hottest place on the East Coast. Metro has waived the prohibition on drinking water on the trains, and a heat advisory is in place until tomorrow night. -8

Neighborhood News Roundup: Grrr Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
I Love the 90s: The 90 bus line's stops in Adams Morgan have been rerouted to accommodate the 18th Street streetscape construction, and some residents are none too happy. Writes one, on the Adams Morgan email list, "Who the [...]

Corey Moore: A Defendant (Again)

A few months back, I ran into Corey Moore in Takoma. He was driving down Piney Branch one afternoon when he saw me and hollered. He pulled over. His teenage son rode shotgun. He had another smaller boy in the back seat of his SUV. I hadn't seen him in years. He told me he [...]

D.C.’s Pot Prescription Pad

In his excellent cover story for this week's dead-tree edition of Washington City Paper—alas, not printed on hemp paper—Chris Shott chronicles the efforts of Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn to open the first of the cannabis dispensaries legalized under the District's medical-marijuana referendum.
The piece notes that Kahn's venture won't be quite as easy as just, say, selling [...]

Our Morning Roundup: So Who’s Ready For More Snow?

Is it me or has snow fatigue completely set in? I don't even have energy to panic. I haven't left my apartment in days. Showering has become a victory. But I do have energy to bitch about drivers still getting themselves stuck in the snow. All I hear out my window are cars revving in [...]

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – A guy Walks into a Coffee Shop …

Today is the one-month anniversary of Mi Little Bistro, a Wi-Fi establishment that has livened up a long-vacant storefront on Cedar Street NW, a few doors away from the Takoma Metro station.
It opened about the same time The Culture Shop next door transformed into the Cedar Crossing Tavern & Wine Bar amid neighborhood fanfare and [...]

Breaking: Nine Confirmed Dead In Red Line Metro Crash

WUSA is reporting that nine people have died from this evening's Metro crash:
"9NEWS NOW has confirmed there are nine dead from the collision, and officials say there are 67 people injured. The Fire Department Chief said that up to six of those people sustained life-threatening injuries, another 14 have less threatening injuries and more than 50 people have [...]