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Baby Panda at the National Zoo: Heartbreak Waiting to Happen

There's a new baby panda at the National Zoo, and everybody's pumped. The zoo gets more visitors, D.C. residents get to shoot around naming ideas, and alleged "clueless breeder" Tian Tian gets to prove that he can spread his seed just fine, so long as he's got a couple million dollars backing him up. Everybody [...]

The Needle: Hoax Not So Wise Edition

Hard-Earned Wisdom: Yesterday afternoon, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise appeared to have a huge scoop on Twitter—Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended for five games for an alleged assault. Before you could say "April Fool's in August," the Internet was abuzz with the news. Which was precisely Wise's point; the whole thing was [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

Gay marriage: Repubs want to scratch it
Amendment: They tried to attach it
The "big fucking deal"
Rejected their zeal
Since Dems had the votes to dispatch it
I'm hearing the soundbite already
Enrollment in schools is quite steady
The first time in years
They've calmed parents' fears
(Or private school fees are too heady?)
Some places can now safely boast
That citizens like them the [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

The snow has us wholly obsessed
But lest we get bored and depressed
I've taken the time
(Surprise! It'll rhyme)
Assignments, for some, I'll suggest:
How loudly the bell seems to toll
Yet Fenty has not read that poll!
I know, there's this storm
But seems like poor form
Ain't being informed, like, your role?
Seems AG will soon be elected
An outcome P. Nickles rejected
I [...]

Morning Roundup: One Less Panda Edition

Sometime around 8, Tai Shan entered a FedEx container and headed out to Dulles. I hope he took 123 to the Toll Road, rather than stay on 66, which is a killer! He will be flying back to China as part of a deal under which they sell us cheap power tools for the foreseeable [...]

Photos: Tai Shan’s Last Day

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Tai Shan the Matchmaker: Love, Through a Panda

To some, Tai Shan may just be the cute and cuddly panda that makes crowds "ooohhh" and "awwww" as he bounds around his habitat at the National Zoo. Little did anyone know, Tai Shan had a side job moonlighting as Cupid.
Frances Nguyen laughs lightly after a brief sigh. She fights back emotions as she reflects [...]

Photo: Goodbye Butterstick

Morning Roundup: Snow Came, More Coming; D.C. Schools Are Open, and Badass!

Snow, baby! Whaddya say, about 3 to 6?
Several wimpy area school systems will be closed today (Montgomery, Prince George's, Anne Arundel), but not the District. The District is badass. Opening on time!
It should turn nice this afternoon. But look into the Capital Weather Gang's Snow Lover's Crystal Ball: There's more stuff coming! "At the moment, [...]

Photos: Panda Watch, Tai Shan is Leaving

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The Friday Limerick Review

Despite all our adamant pleading
The zoo just announced it's conceding
This day was postponed
But Butterstick's loaned
And wanted in China for breeding
Once swine flu has been diagnosed
With Tamiflu, you will be dosed
Now places not distant
Have cases resistant
Here's hoping you won't be a ghost
Enough of such sadness and gloom
This week brought good news for the groom
The motion has [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “These Are Public Funds” Edition

D.C. Wire's Marion Barry coverage leads the Post's site this a.m., wherein Councilmember David Catania "steps to the plate" (Barry loves that phrase) on the issue of granting and then yanking public contracts from his former ladyfriend. "These are public funds," he says. "There needs to be an accounting." Barry's spokesperson promises the good councilmember will actually [...]

Chinese Zoo Accused of Abusing Tai Shan’s Grandma

A Chinese zookeeper has been suspended for denying food to Yong Ba, the elderly giant panda who birthed the National Zoo's Tian Tian (otherwise known as our beloved Butterstick's aloof father/sperm-donor). The keeper and a souvenir shop were involved in a scheme that forced 25-year-old Yong Ba to pose for photos with visitors. After she [...]