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10 Years On, How the D.C. Snipers Changed Washington

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day 55-year-old James Martin was shot in Glenmont—and the D.C. sniper attacks began. With one of the snipers executed and the other telling the Washington Post that he was a "monster" during the rampage, here's a look into the City Paper archives to see Washington during and after the [...]

The Post Notices Its Commenters Are Assholes

In the comments of a Post magazine story about a woman who divorced her husband after he had a debilitating stroke, columnist Robert McCartney notes things got very nasty, very quickly:
Writers didn’t stop at condemning Ivie for divorcing her first husband, an act that they said violated her marriage vows. They went on (and on), [...]

Asking a Rude Question of Courtland Milloy

A recent piece on The Root mentions my question to profile subject and Washington Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy for a story in last week's dead tree version of the Washington City Paper: Whether the well-known, and lately Obama-taunting, writer likes white people. Root editor Natalie Hopkinson figures out one reason I asked: "Even [...]