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D.C. Man Will Brave Potomac Pollution to Promote Swimming

The waters of the Potomac River have been known to contain sewer water and chemicals that scramble fish's sexes, but that isn't stopping Jeff Brown. Brown, a former Army lieutenant, plans to swim eight miles in the river in July to convince more black and Latino people to try swimming.
Brown's swim, set for July 20, [...]

Care For a Dip, Your Honor?

With sizzling sun on tap for Memorial Day, D.C.’s political media is turning its thoughts poolside.
And no, that’s not because Thursday’s massive recall on pool drains—issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission—threatened to chase swimmers away from pools faster than a wayward Baby Ruth bar. Thankfully, local watering holes are safe.
“So far, we're not affected [...]

Photos: Polar Bear Plunge

Photos: Swim Meet

Lady in the Water

Unless Dewey Beach commissioners don grass skirts and lead a conga line down Route 1, last Saturday’s water rescue wins Summer’s Strangest by a long shot. Rachel Decenzi, a 30-year-old from Media, Penn., was naked, imperiled, and screaming for help – in about four feet of water.
Just look at the photo. This doesn't end well.

Photos: Saturday, In The Pool

Peter Nickles: Amazing

Peter Nickles' average day lasted longer than yours: He got up at 4:30 a.m. and went for his traditaional swim. Nickles, famous for marthoning and triathloning—and also Blackberrying, even at 70!—has had trouble with his knees in recent days, forcing him to quit running. After embarkring on more biking and swimming, however, "my knees are feeling better," he [...]

A Reasonable Voice on Phelps (Finally)

After columnists at the Washington Post have been knocking themselves silly over the Michael Phelps "scandal," a voice of reason from the New York Times takes aim at the story. George Vecsey accomplishes conceptual feats that Sally Jenkins and Michael Wilbon together couldn't manage. Those feats are:
*Acknowledging that pot smoking is not such a [...]

Adult Swim, Potomac River, September 14