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Same-Sex Skype Wedding Rejected By D.C. Marriage Bureau

Last month, Mark Reed and Dante Walkup wed in Washington D.C. from a Dallas, Texas hotel. Although gay marriage isn't legal in Texas, the couple had Sheila Alexander-Reid (Washington City Paper's business development manager) officiate the wedding from a Washington, D.C. hotel via Skype. The wedding video and story went viral, but last week the [...]

Before Metro Rumble, A Fake Metro Rumble

As Officer Heidi Rivas testifies against his girlfriend, Latrelle McInnis, on Monday afternoon, Shawn Johnson knocks his head against the chair in front of him in frustration. In his view, the transit cop isn't telling the whole story. Evidently, the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station isn't just a place where people fight, it's also [...]

“We’re Just, Like, in Love”: Newlyweds and Protesters at Superior Court

On Wednesday, City Desk lined up outside Superior Court to observe the celebrations—and protests—attending D.C.'s legalization of gay marriage.
We spoke with some newlyweds, including two women who didn't know gay marriage hadn't been legal in the District until yesterday morning.
Later, protesters turned on each other when Pastor Rob Schenck was shouted down by a man [...]

Mayor-Council Wars Are Headed to Court!

After three long, hot years, the increasingly intractable conflict between Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and the D.C. Council is heading to court.
There's a twist: Neither of the parties is suing.
Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi, independent of both, has announced he's going to D.C. Superior Court to settle an ongoing dispute over review of city [...]

Gay Marriage Is Not Fit for Ballot, Judge Rules

Superior Court Judge Judith Macaluso has upheld the city elections board's decision to keep gay marriage off of the ballot.
In a 23-page decision [PDF] granting the Board of Elections and Ethics' motion for summary judgment, Macaluso found that ballot initiatives are indeed subject to the city's Human Right Act, and that the initiative filed by [...]

Read: Affidavit On George Rawlings’ Murder

WaPo has the scoop on what lead to an arrest in the George Rawlings murder. Jeffrey Britt, a 17-year-old with no fixed address, has been arrested and charged in the case.
D.C. Police detectives worked quickly to solve the murder which took place last Wednesday as Rawlings was trying to board a Metro bus along H [...]

Superior Court Judge Denies Gay Marriage Referendum

Judge Judith Retchin has ruled [PDF] that a referendum on recognizing out-of-state gay marriages may not proceed.
Retchin was widely expected to ignore the substance of the referendum proponents' argument—i.e., that the District's human rights law does not, in fact, prevent the measure from appearing on the ballot, as the Board of Elections and Ethics ruled [...]

D.C. Gay Marriage Referendum Supporters Petition Court

Gay-marriage referendum backers have asked a Superior Court judge this morning to order the city elections board to allow a ballot measure.
The move comes two days after the Board of Elections and Ethics ruled that such a referendum, to overturn a recently passed District law recognizing out-of-state gay marriages, would violate the D.C. Human Right [...]

Harold Brazil Trial: About That Night

The day's proceedings in United States v. Harold Brazil wrapped up shortly before 5 p.m. today, with the trial to continue Monday in Judge Jennifer Anderson's courtroom.
Read up if you missed the earlier coverage. The afternoon's testimony introduced the two women who accompanied Brazil to the rowdy night at the tattoo parlor. First to testify [...]