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Chatter: Hate the Bin, Not the Binner

What you said about what we said last week
From the perspective of most residents, the District couldn’t have done much worse of a job replacing trash cans and recycling bins across the city earlier this year. Last week’s Loose Lips column showed how ugly things looked from the inside, with one aide to Mayor Vince Gray [...]

District Line Daily: Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punks?

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D.C. almost lost its Fort Reno concert series this summer. Our latest cover story looks [...]

Since U Bin Gone: How D.C.’s Trashcan Pickup Went Awry

Last week, a Shaw resident came up with a rather feudal solution to a modern Washington problem: She appealed to the nearest Prince.
For more than a month, old garbage bins had languished on a corner of the 1600 block of 4th Street NW. Like neighborhoods across the city, Shaw had received new 32-gallon trash cans and [...]

The Trash Can Removal Blitz Starts Saturday

The Department of Public Works is launching a trash and recycling bin "removal blitz" this Saturday. The announcement follows some seriously bad press for the District government, which has lagged in its removal of bins across the city.
Every D.C. household received bigger recycling bins and new trash bins this year. The new bins came with [...]

The Needle: Voting Ghost Town

The Empty Poll: Voters in D.C. seemed to show up to the polls today in extraordinary low numbers. Mayor Vince Gray's home precinct, for instance, received 1074 votes in 2010. This year, only 498 votes were cast there as of 6 p.m. -7
April's Fools: D.C. had some pretty lame April Fools' Day jokes today, including Taylor Gourmet's attempt [...]

Fear Not! Everyone’s Still Getting a New Trash Can!

There were some funding hiccups along the way, but Mayor Vince Gray announced Thursday that he has secured the necessary $9 million to move forward with his plan for D.C. to buy every household in the District new trash cans and bigger recycling bins.
The mayor first introduced the city to its new bins in November, [...]

Everyone May Not Get a New Trashcan. But Does Everyone Need One?

Mayor Vince Gray announced to much fanfare last month that the Department of Public Works would start delivering new Supercans and bigger recycling bins to each District household in January. But the plan hit a major hiccup yesterday when the D.C. Council voted unanimously to reject $9 million in funding for the project, which was largely [...]

Your Recycling Bin Will Soon Be Bigger

Mayor Vince Gray announced today (to as much fanfare as possible, considering the topic) that the Department of Public Works will start delivering $11.1 million worth of new trash cans and recycling bins to households starting in January.
The cans, known as Supercans, will replace the current bins, many of which are 12 years old. The trash [...]