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Here’s the Number to Call to Request Help During a Heat Emergency

If you see someone in need of transport to a cooling center, contact the hyperthermia hotline at (800) 535-7252.

The Needle: Summer Is Dead


Photos: A Day at the Beach

Slideshow.  Ocean City, MD.  July 8th.  © 2012 Mike Hicks and Matt Dunn

The Needle: Hot Again Edition

SmarTrip Getting Smarter: Some day soon, paper farecards may be a thing of the past. That's because Metro is planning to unveil new SmarTrip cards that cost less than the $5 the current cards run you—which, coupled with a $1 surcharge for paper cards that kicks in in July, means even tourists may well just [...]

Photo: Picnic

Fort Reno, June 27

The Needle: Stink Bug Edition

Smelly + Insect = Nasty: The only thing worse than an infestation of bugs is an infestation of really, really smelly bugs. Which is apparently exactly what the region is about to deal with, as "stink bugs" start coming out of the woodwork. Killing them releases their odor, which is a pretty good reason to [...]

Photos: Cannonball

Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool, Aug. 8th. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Photo: From the Series: Other People’s Dogs

Photo: Head in the Sand

Nags Head, © 2010 Matt Dunn

Summer Brings Out The Rookie DJs

This weekend marked the first sustained summer temps. The upshot: A lot of dudes used this as an opportunity to showcase their car stereos. It felt like everyone had a serious case of opening night jitters. I saw a lot of rookies utterly failing at this utterly simple task. I understand that it is still [...]

Thinking Out of Season: Summer Tomatoes

I made this salad in September when my local farmers market was overflowing with tomatoes. I know I should be thinking of squashes and pears and mushrooms and game and apples, but I really miss my tomatoes. Already.