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Weekend in Review: Summer Solstice Edition

Break out the bongos, hippies! Monday marks the summer solstice, when the sun hits its highest angle of the year. Expect highs in the 90s with a strong chance of drum circles. The annual astronomical event means summer has now officially arrived. And D.C. cops are, naturally, quite busy. Tis the season for peak crime, after all (curfew at 11 p.m., kids): WaPo [...]

Weekend in Review: City Emptying Out!

It's almost as if Washington really paid attention to the summer solstice. This town hops like mad in the springtime—from the Cherry Blossom festival all the way through Pride Weekend, the place is mayhem. Street closings, marathons, road races, everything—don't even bother driving near the downtown/federal core on a weekend. You're just going to get [...]