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With a Restored Signal and New Shows, WPFW Tries to Move Past Its Internal Conflicts

Some new voices are appearing on WPFW-FM, and they'll be a lot louder than what listeners of the long-troubled jazz and lefty talk station have become used to: Following several years of weakened broadcast power—including one week last December in which the station dropped off the terrestrial airways entirely—WPFW announced this week that it has [...]

WPFW General Manager John Hughes Removed From Duties

John Hughes, the controversial general manager of WPFW-FM, has been placed on paid administrative leave following a two-and-a-half-year tenure in which he attempted to overhaul the programming at the struggling community "jazz and justice" station and move it outside the District. According to several sources at the station, the head of WPFW's parent Pacifica Foundation [...]

WPFW No Longer Moving to Silver Spring

WPFW-FM will not be moving to Silver Spring.
That news should come as a relief to the group of programmers, supporters, and listeners who, since earlier this spring, have been agitating to end a deal that would have moved the progressive "jazz and justice" station into a studio space on Colesville Road leased by a subsidiary [...]

WPFW Is No Longer Confused About Its Move-Out Date

WPFW-FM has to be out of its home on April 30. Wait, scratch that. It can stay in its office at 2390 Champlain St. NW through June 30. No, hold on, that's not right. WPFW must be out of its home on May 25.
In fact, the "jazz and justice" community radio station's move-out date is [...]

WPFW Has to Move This Month. But Where?

Last week, with 18 days left to go before their station would be homeless, the warring factions of WPFW-FM found themselves in D.C. Superior Court.
But as the hearing began, a wisecrack from Judge Geoffrey M. Alprin couldn’t quite break the tension. “You will find out that I’m a jazz lover also,” the judge said. “If I [...]