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Steamed Suburbanites Bring Road Rage to D.C.

Will Washington's streets become a battleground for suburbanites with anger management issues? Consider the Silver Spring woman and Alexandria man who are in legal trouble after allegedly brandishing a knife and gun at each other, the Washington Post reports.
The fight the Post describes as "a dramatic dance of mutual road rage" started Saturday night on the [...]

Maybe the Washington Post Should Move to the Suburbs After All

Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth hinted last month that her paper, which is considering putting its downtown home up for sale, might head out of D.C. This could be a ploy to get tax breaks from the D.C. government, but if it's not, where should the Post move?
As a fictional Deep Throat once urged a [...]

Washington Isn’t So Rich After All

Turn in your Tesla and cancel your reservation at Minibar: The Washington area might not be as wealthy as our high-flying lifestyles would suggest. According to the New Republic's Nate Cohn, the media has been measuring Washington's relative affluence all wrong.
According to Cohn, press reports about Washington extravagance rely too much on the median income [...]

Tommy Wells Tweets Response to New York Times

In yesterday's edition, the New York Times editorial board took on Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' residency requirement for homeless services bill.  The board called his proposal "inhumane" and suggested it was simply "very bad public policy." The board also cited the CFO which stated that Wells' bill wouldn't save the city any money. Late [...]