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Is Stadium Club Strip Club a “Sexually Oriented Business Establishment?”

High-end strip club Stadium Club could lose its ability to operate under the zoning rules for its location, after the D.C. Court of Appeals vacated the club's status as a non-"Sexually Oriented Business Establishment" and sent it back to the Board of Zoning Adjustment to reevaluate.
A sexually oriented business wouldn't be permitted in the commercial [...]

Some Glover Park Residents Wanted Strippers Not to Use Front Door of Neighborhood Club

The Glover Park Advisory Neighborhood Commission recently struck a voluntary agreement with its longtime neighborhood strip club, Good Guys Club, that contained an unusual provision: It would have forced the club to try to ensure that "entertainment personnel," i.e., the strippers, enter the establishment only through the back door before 5 p.m.
The agreement was part [...]

New Strip Club Too Sexy for D.C.

Glover Park, previously best known for its Whole Foods and baseball field, is about to get a whole lot steamier thanks to the newly renovated JP's strip club, the Washington Post reports. The neighborhood already has one nude club, but JP's is different: It's more intimate.
In the new JP's, the kitchen has been torn out [...]

D.C. Strippers Sue for Fair Pay

By night, exotic dancers Jewel and Barbie take off their clothes for money at Georgia Avenue NW strip club The House. But lately, stripping hasn't paid that well—and they're blaming their bosses.
Jewel and Barbie, whose real names are Akeisha Turner and Jenese Mitchell, respectively, have filed a class action lawsuit against The House. The suit [...]

Stripper vs. Stripper

Usually, when a fight breaks out at a strip club, you can blame the macho patrons. But yesterday, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration was scheduled to look into a rumble that happened between two dancers. According to a police report, on Oct. 12, the dancers, employed by Skylark Lounge at 1943 New [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Ward 5 Gets A Strip Club

I was out of town so forgive me for mentioning this old news. On Saturday, WaPo analyzed Mayor Adrian Fenty's small-time jobs plan through the eyes of Councilmember Mary Cheh. WaPo describes the mayor's plan, which was announced last week, this way:
"The mayor committed to partnering with the 50-church Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) to create [...]