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Meet the Neighbors (Clothing Optional)

A Prince of Petworth reader writes in with some finger-wagging for the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association's plan to hold a "Haunted Hos Halloween" happy hour at Louis' Rogue, a strip club at 5th and K Streets NW:
Am I getting old or is this one of the dumbest moves ever. Maybe they are being ironic [...]

Cornell Jones Fights Back Against D.C.

Being accused of being an HIV/AIDS profiteer, of sorts, would make some flinch. But Cornell Jones has struck back. You think he stole $300,000 from the city? Well, now he wants $2 million from it.
Last week, the District filed a civil suit accusing Jones, a legendary D.C. gangster who "went straight" and now runs Miracle Hands Inc.—a [...]

Strip Club: Way Less Depressing Than The Rest of D.C.!

What's a more depressing happy-hour hangout on your average Thursday: A sports club at 5 p.m., or a strip club at the same time? At Fast Eddies/Archibalds, the double threat located at 1520 K Street NW, we find out!
UPSTAIRS: Fast Eddies, sports bar. At 5 o'clock, a guy in a suit is alone at the [...]