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UPDATE: SIX Flagging

You just knew Dan Snyder would get his hands on some stimulus money!
Six Flags has just signed a new sponsorship deal with Chrysler. According to a press release issued by Snyder's theme park chain earlier today, this means cars produced by Chrysler will remain "the Official Vehicles of Six Flags." Also under the new deal, [...]

DCPS: Central Office Budget Cut ‘to the Bare Minimum’

Last week, on his way out of the door for a long weekend, LL threw up a post about how D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, faced with threats from the D.C. Council to cut $27 million from her fiscal 2010 budget over an enrollment dispute, had sent letters to her principals telling them that [...]

Fenty Stimulus Priorities: Schools, Cops, and “Green” Stuff

Across the country, states, counties, and municipalities have been scrambling to come up with plans for sucking up the billions lawmakers have promised in stimulus dollars.
Make that states, counties, municipalities, and a District.
Earlier this month, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty outlined in a letter [PDF] to Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District's delegate to Congress, his list [...]