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The Needle: Fenty Dates a Billionaire Edition

Jobs Report: Ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty is dating Laurene Powell Jobs, philanthropist and widow of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. According to a Post report, the couple met at a Houston education conference and "bonded over a shared passion for school reform." +2
Non-Cash Cab: Taxicab drivers want to extend the deadline to apply for an extension to [...]

The Needle: Practice Gambling Edition

Bank Busted: Feeding families who can't afford to keep enough food on their own tables was a difficult job before the economy collapsed. But these days—with more and more people in the region needing to turn to food banks—it's gotten even harder. The Capital Area Food Bank says it'll have to start charging member agencies [...]

No Apple Store for D.C. Anytime Soon

Attention local urban sophisticates! You will not be able to visit an Apple Store in the District of Columbia anytime soon!
That scoop comes courtesy of the underappreciated, under-Webbed Current newspapers, which explained in last week's editions [PDF, see pp. 1 and 19] that plans for the District's first Apple Store are held up in a [...]