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Update: U.S. v. Roger Clemens: Who’s Winning?

The United States v. Roger Clemens trial, which is among the few things that would rank below the U.S. v. Iraq War on any list of "Current Events Americans Care About," is underway in U.S. District Court in our fine city. Opening arguments began this morning in the perjury case against Clemens, yet another fallen [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Druggie Offspring in the White House?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's not real popular inside his own home right now. But he's still got a place in the White House.
Well, in the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, at least.
He's had that spot for years, actually. Among the anti-drug literature long available on the ONDCP's website is a roster of what is [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: A Wistful Look Back at the Dead Balls Era™?

Another milestone along the Road to Ripken™ has been passed: Mark McGwire says he did steroids. The news knocked the "Clay Aiken Says He's Gay!" story off the front page of the We Know Already Gazette.
After spending years in a shamed self-exile, McGwire's confession came as he sniveled through an interview with Bob Costas for [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Charlie Weis? No! Marty Schottenheimer? Yes!

This holiday season has given me a new favorite TV commercial: the one for Fun Slides.
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That's a pair of slippery plastic pieces you strap to the bottom of your shoes like skates and slide around the house in. The spots for these carpet skates [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Are the Redskins Using Robert Henson to Protect Zorn, Campbell, Snyder, FedEx, Etc…?

Dim WitsGate™ makes it to the front page of the Washington Post! That means the story of Robert Henson's Twittered insults of Redskins fans — calling them "dim wits" and saying they "work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds" — occupies the same real estate where Watergate became the original -Gate!
Bottom line: Cheap Seats Daily's hype [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Washington Warriors Won’t Ever Play in the AFL?

The Arena Football League ain't ever coming to DC after all.
Sports leagues, like romantic relationships, can't survive taking a break. Last year AFL owners thought they were different, announcing that while they'd be spending the 2009 season apart, they weren't breaking up.
Again: Just need some space. Just taking some time off from each other before [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: FedExField Still Blows?

The Washington Post runs a Metro story about the fans who spend a day watching practice at Redskins Park. (Lemme quote Allen Iverson: "PRACTICE? We're talking PRACTICE?") One of the fans quoted in the piece is Peter Lalich. Though the story doesn't go into it, Lalich was the Everybody's-All-American kid from Springfield who was headed [...]

Breaking News: ‘Dead Balls Era™’ Uttered By Real Genius!

For years, I've wanted to leave my mark on baseball history, as a dog might on a patch of grass. I came up with a name for those years of the game dominated by huge stats and little testes: "The Dead Balls Era."
And I forced it on people.
I put "Dead Balls Era" in print again [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Joel Hanrahan Gets Nats a ‘Victory in the Win Column!’

Sally Jenkins rides with Lance Armstrong again this morning. Jenkins, who has written several books with Armstrong, references the druggie rumors more here than in the scads of her previous columns on the most accused drug cheat in the history of sport.
"It's what [Armstrong's] whole comeback is all about really," writes Jenkins, "coming face to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily:Will Dan Snyder Sign La Canfora’s Paychecks? Is Joe Biden the Anti-Arnold?

Jason La Canfora goes to work for Dan Snyder?
That's essentially what Pro Football Talk is saying. According to the site, La Canfora has been hired away from the Washington Post by the NFL Network, the future cable powerhouse owned by the NFL, which is run by the NFL owners, none brasher than Snyder.
On some levels, [...]

D.C. ‘Roids Mystery: Caps “Aren’t Extremely Ripped or Anything.”

A Florida couple busted for running a major steroid operation and selling to pro athletes named the Nats and the Caps as two teams that availed themselves of their services, but they didn't name names.
That leaves anyone the Washington Times has so far got on the horn to speculate. Officially, of course, there's no comment [...]

Tejada Case Seems Small Time

Is it just me or is the case against Miguel Tejada a bit small? The former Orioles standout obviously doesn't think so. Tejada just pled guilty to lying to Congress. According to the Post account: "Federal prosecutors alleged that Tejada lied to staffers when he told them he never discussed steroids with other players and [...]

Own a Piece of Hist*ry!

Jose Canseco, who will someday be viewed as the Deep Throat of the Dead Balls Era™, is offering fans and anybody else the chance to buy a bat, base, and cleats that back in 1988 factored into his becoming the first player in major league history to steal 40 bases and hit 40 home [...]