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Stephette Hogette, the ‘Imposter Hogette,’ Resurfaces, Will Not Be Bullied!

Heard this morning from one of Redskin Nation's real heroes: Stephette Hogette.
He sent along photos of him and fellow Redskins fans at the Meadowlands during last week's exhibition win over the Jets. (He's the guy in the ridiculous get-up all the way to the right.)
Fabulous to see Stephette is still wearing a rubber snout and [...]

BogusHogetteGate® Update: Real Hogettes® Blast Stephette Hogette’s Photo Evidence!

I'm now hearing from more old Hogettes about Stephette Hogette, a fellow cross-dressing Skins fanatic who has been accused of being — big gulp! — a bogus Hogette.
These Hogettes aren't happy about the photo that Cheap Seats Daily ran earlier this week, which was supplied by Stephette, real name Steve Rasnikov (though he also goes [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Stephette Hogette, the Bogus Hogette, Now Fears Real Hogettes!

I heard again last night from Stephette Hogette. He's the guy who stands accused of being a bogus Hogette.
He sent along a photograph, shown above, which he says was taken years ago at a Redskins game and, he says, proves that Stephette Hogette used to be accepted by the same folks who are now calling [...]

Cheap Seats Daily Exclusive: Bogus Hogette Declares War on Real Hogettes!

Author's note: The Redskins lost. The rest of today's Cheap Seats Daily will be devoted to what is at once the bizarrest and the most pathetic episode to come out of this sorry season.
Be scared,  people: A fake Hogette is on the loose.
As if things weren't bad enough in Redskins Land, a dire APB went [...]