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Harlem Globetrotters Trying to Cash In on $tra$burg?

Folks everywhere, this space included, are poaching Stephen Strasburg's notoriety.
All grills except ESPNZone's are cooking up Strasburgers. David Letterman hopes to get a rating higher than Strasburg's ERA when he brings the Nats' pitcher on for a Top 10 reading next week.
And, um, blogs, present company included, are forcing obscene amounts of digital inches of [...]

Meet Stephen Strasburg, the New…Rob Dibble?

To try to exploit SteveMania and still meet deadlines, for this week's cash-machinelike print version of Washington City Paper, I wrote about the history of the 100 mile an hour fastball in our town. Sort of. Pick up a copy, read about it, patronize all the advertisers twice.
The Nats' marketing campaign leading up to Stephen [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Strasmania Edition

Good morning, Washington. Today’s Wednesday and the sun has left us. But don’t despair. At least foxes aren’t attacking you.
The messiah returned yesterday, arriving in the form of a 21-year-old man with a buzzed head and a 99 mph fastball. And you thought he would show up on a donkey?  Stephen Strasburg made his major [...]

Will DC’s Silly Scalping Laws Be Enforced for StrasburgStock?

A buzz about a regular season baseball game! Have we died and gone to Boston?
Last Friday night, before the Cincinnati game, scalpers along Half Street SW SE and outside the main entrance to Nationals Park were already asking fans for extras to tonight's game. Strasburg's so huge he's created a whole new industry: Advance [...]

Strasburg Arrives: Let the Gouging Begin!

As of last night, you could still buy tickets for tomorrow night's Stephen Strasburg debut straight from the Washington Nationals.
But with a sanctioned ticket seller like this, who needs scalpers?
Signing on to the team's web site, I was initially told that no tickets are available for the big game. But wait! Anybody who signs up [...]

The Lerners Should Thank Scott Boras

I was in a diner in Delaware this morning killing time before a funeral. An old guy in the booth beside me, who had been rifling through newspapers, started complaining to his wife about not being able to find out "if he signed or not."
I had to know. I turned around and asked, "Who are [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: It’s Not Over ’til the Fat Lady Signs! Or Agrees! Whichever Comes First!

Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals played chicken, like those hot rodders in "Rebel Without a Cause."
That made for an amazing night to not watch sports, and just refresh this and that web page every few minutes hoping for some Breaking News. Would Strasburg be without a contract? Would the Lerners be without another top draft [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: If the Redskins Waiting List Is 200,000 People Long, Why Was Dan Snyder’s Ticket Staff Working So Much OT?

The Great Dan Steinberg™ had a fab story over the weekend about former employees of Dan Snyder's ticket office suing the Redskins for overtime pay. The Redskins don't dispute the claim that the staff worked overtime. The team's basis for not paying OT, however, is that the ticket sales office is in the "amusement and [...]