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The Hunt for Red October: Day 1

Natitude levels: High and rising.

Nationals Magic Number: 8

Today's magic number for the Nats to clinch their division: 8. Here's a look back at the short-lived StrasBurger.

The Needle: Trumped Edition

Enter the Donald: Federal officials have reached agreement with Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump to redevelop and lease the Old Post Office as a 260-room hotel. The good news: It's a gorgeous, historic building that should benefit from $200 million in private investment. The bad news: Trump will have a platform just blocks [...]

The Needle: Motorcade Madness

Triumph of the Will: Columnist George Will taught U.S. history to some Nationals players after meeting some on a flight to the All-Star Game. After hearing that pitcher Jordan Zimmermann likes history, Will wrote out 20 flashcards for the players. In a radio interview, pitcher Stephen Strasburg said that the cards have taught him a [...]

In the Minors, Strasburg’s an Opening Act for the Monkeys

Bill Veeck would love the way the Harrisburg Senators are promoting tomorrow night's home game.
Here's the email, misspellings and all, that the Senators blasted to fans last night:
"Mark your calenders! Back by popular demand, the cowboy monkeys are at Metro Bank Park on Thursday, Sept. 1 (7:00)! They were so popular the first time around [...]

The Needle: Return of Strasburgmania Edition

Singletown U.S.A.: People complain enough about dating in D.C. that new statistics are enough to make you wonder whether anyone anywhere in the nation is having any luck—the District turns out to have the most favorable ratio of women to men (for women) anywhere in the country, and it's been rated in the top [...]

Haynesworth + Strasburg = Tortoise + Hare?

Once again: Everything you need to know about D.C. sports this year you could have learned in grammar school.
A while back it occurred to me that the two biggest local sports stories of the summer, Stephen Strasburg and Albert Haynesworth, were starting to resemble "The Tortoise and the Hare."
Strasburg had people asking if he was [...]

The Needle: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am Edition

Suffragette City: Members of the League of Women Voters join forces with the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of D.C. to demand voting rights for the District on the 90th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted the right to vote to women—as long as they don't live in D.C., of course, [...]

Evidence Now Shows That Nats Should Have Given Refunds When Strasburg Was Scratched

Yesterday on "The Sports Reporters," the great Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin discussed the sudden dropoff in attendance for games when Stephen Strasburg pitches. Only 21,695, which the Washington Post called "the smallest crowd to watch Strasburg pitch in the majors," showed up at Nationals Park on Sunday for his latest appearance. This following a [...]

Who Ends Up Ahead, Strasburg or Haynesworth?

Everything I need to know about D.C. sports in the summer of 2010 I learned from "Tortoise and the Hare."
The lead players in the two biggest sports dramas in the market are exchanging roles.
Stephen Strasburg's physical condition became a big question mark out of nowhere. Now he's leaving games early, and leaving fans to wonder [...]

Oprah Offered Refunds, So Shouldn’t the Lerners?

Fans booed at Nationals Park when the curtain went up and they learned that Miguel Batista would be playing the role of Stephen Strasburg for last night's performance against the Braves.
Batista delivered a line as well as Strasburg would have: Five innings, no runs, three hits, six Ks.
I wasn't there in person and hadn't paid [...]

Heat and Ink Don’t Mix: A Cautionary Tale About Rob Dibble’s Tattoos

The Great Dan Steinberg™ delivered some great Web TV earlier this week. He Steinographed™ an episode of Nationals’ broadcasters Ray Knight and Rob Dibble Playing the Feud™ on MASN after Stephen Strasburg’s™ last outing.
Knight had offered counsel to the young superstar – he’s got to learn to throw balls when he’s way ahead in the [...]

Strasburg’s Influence Extends to Radio and TV Programming?

It was a tale of two broadcasts on DC airwaves over the weekend. One organic, one propagandic.
Sportstalker WJFK launched a new Nats' postgame show yesterday, following Stephen Strasburg's second start and win. The station doesn't air Nats' games — WFED 1500-AM is the team's flagship and already has its own postgame program. So the midseason [...]

Stephen Strasburg Is ‘Jeezus’…But Who Wins If He Takes On ‘God’?

Stephen Strasburg has given us the feel-good story of the summer.
He's made everybody happy! Almost.
The only discord I can detect comes with his nickname. He's "Jeezus." The Great Dan Steinberg used the handle in digital print in the hours after the First Coming of Strasburg. (Technically, I guess our new #37 is only the Nats' [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

This Friday, a welcome distraction
And proof that the sport has gained traction:
The all-out bonanza
doth merit a stanza
The World Cup swings into action!
And speaking of sports-laden dross
I s'pose that young Stephen can toss
They call him The Savior
Because his behavior
Brings Pirates to ruinous loss
Not everyone had a great week
Dear Helen, oh why did you speak?
She used to [...]