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The Needle: A Whale of a Time

Stephen Colbert kisses. Eleanor Holmes Norton

The Needle: It Always Comes Back to Statehood

Colbert State:  News that Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman at the helm of CBS’s The Late Show is good news for the District. Why? Because statehood, says D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Eh, wishful thinking. -2
Ballot Blues: A new report found that District voters waited an average of 33.9 minutes to cast ballots in the [...]

The Needle: Can’t Put Love in Park

Everlasting Love: Stephen Colbert married a couple on his show whose wedding on the Jefferson Memorial was canceled because of the government shutdown. +4
Selfie Chaos: These people managed to snap selfies on Thursday during the high speed police chase between the White House and Capitol building that left the driver of the vehicle dead. -3

District Line Daily: Shadow Campaign Returns

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Another development in the investigation of Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 shadow campaign: David Dzidzienyo, who [...]

The Needle: Defecation Edition

Public Transit Turned Public Restroom: The Metro is good for a lot of things—getting around town, mysteriously stopping underground for a while, finding new and exciting ways to be annoyed by tourists. And now, apparently, also defecation. A rider found a pile of human shit on a pedestrian bridge between the Metro and VRE stations [...]

Live from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

Today is the day !  Keep this post open for live updates from Washington City Paper staffers at the rally on the Mall. Also, follow us on Twitter at @wcp for more.

Walk to Rally to Restore Sanity!

The Huffington Post has buses. Washington City Paper has these two.
Meet Keli Anaya and Molly McGinley. They'll be providing free walks from the Smithsonian Metro to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear tomorrow morning, from 10:45 a.m. until the rally starts at noon. We couldn't afford to bus people in for the shindig, and [...]

Don’t Forget—Free Walks to Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

By now, with the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear just days away, you've moved on from strategizing how to cadge tickets to a Daily Show taping and are, instead, strategizing how you're going to get to the big event on Saturday morning. (And just how much booze and/or weed—or, if you go to Georgetown, [...]

The Needle: Tornados! And Terrorists! Edition

Tornados and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: Welcome to Kansas-on-Potomac. Both last night and today, weather officials issued tornado watches, advising that thunderstorms (which come naturally with the unseasonably warm temperatures in the area) could bring on twisters. Fortunately, no such things materialized. Though in a year that's already seen blizzards, record heat, and an [...]

When Jon Stewart Called Tucker Carlson a ‘Big Dick’ in 2004…

Jon Stewart has everyone in town (including, yes, Washington City Paper) in a bit of a tizzy this week, between the weekend Rally to Restore Sanity and the Daily Show tapings in Chinatown. But it's not the first time the funnyman has come through town and caused a stir.
Remember that infamous October 2004 episode of [...]

Washington City Paper Staff Memo on Stewart/Colbert Rallies

Several of you have asked me about this coming weekend’s satirical National Mall rallies featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. As you probably know, at least one other news organization, NPR, has forbidden news staffers from attending. Others, including the Washington Post, have reminded staffers that [...]

Free Walking Tours to Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally!

About 10,000 people will be coming to D.C. from New York this weekend on 200 free buses sponsored by the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington pledged a free ride to anyone interested in joining Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive. (The buses leave from Citi Field at [...]

Media Matters Wants You to Drop Fox Like It’s Hot

Conservative-correcting non-profit Media Matters for America wants you to "Drop Fox"—and they're launching their campaign from the bottom up. As in, the bottom of a subway tunnel.
A bevy of advertisements for the campaign against Fox News Channel hit stations across the Metro system last night. Picking up on the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally rhetoric, the [...]

The Needle: Toilet Standoff Averted Edition

Rally to Restore Porta Potties: This whole Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert thing may be all about irony. But that doesn't mean Comedy Central can't still pull together and get some actual results when it matters. A burgeoning toilet crisis has been averted, and anti-protest protesters will be able to go the bathroom even though the Marine [...]

The Needle: Swine Flu Redux Edition

The Flu Line State: Brace yourself for a pandemic. No, not of the flu, but of coverage of the flu. The region's flu season is officially underway, with news that someone in Baltimore has come down with swine flu. But unlike last year, vaccines appear to be widely available; at Safeway, where we got our [...]