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Video: Children Sing John Oliver’s D.C. Statehood Song Outside the Capitol

"Let them have gun laws! Let them have weed!"

Joe Biden: D.C. “Should Be a State”

Biden leaned in close to Eleanor Holmes Norton, close enough for a peck on the cheek, and said, "You should be a state."

D.C. Leaders Talk Statehood in Friendly Senate Hearing

And starring as the Grinch: Tom Coburn.

District Line Daily: One Small Step for Statehood

Statehood gets a congressional hearing.

The Needle: Florida Man

Respecting the President: Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida actually said the following in an interview with FOX 5: " I think the president must be spending too much time in Colorado because you would have to be high to think that Congress or anyone else is going to support making the District of Columbia the 51st state." (Obama did note that [...]

The Needle: Ride Round and Round

YOLO: This Virginia man successfully (?) hit all 86 Metro stations on his day off, a mission that took him 19 hours and cost $70. +1
Pigskins Predictions: Sports Illustrated's Peter King believes the Washington football team will have a new name by 2016. +3

D.C. Residents Asked to Complain About Potholes to Congressman Who Messed with Marijuana Decriminalization Law

D.C. activists say that if Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland wants to screw with D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law, he should run for D.C. Council so he can more properly do so. In June, the congressman tacked an unrelated spending bill to an amendment that would prevent D.C. from spending any of its money on enforcing its newly [...]

Barack Obama Says He’s All for D.C. Statehood

President Barack Obama said today he was in favor of D.C. becoming a state, though he didn't indicate that he'd do anything about it beyond saying so.
"I'm in D.C. so I'm for it!" he said today at a town hall-style meeting at D.C.'s Walker Jones Education Campus for his My Brother's Keeper Initiative, according to USA Today. "Folks [...]

Another Congressman Tried to Mess With D.C. Gun Laws on the House Floor

The District has had a rough couple of weeks trying to rebuff attempts by officials from outside the District trying to screw with happenings inside the District. There's Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, who wants to block funding for D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law. And then Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who wants to gut the city's strict gun laws.
Last night on [...]

The Needle: Keeping up With The Kavaliers

Wizards' Reality: Kris Humphries, yes, that's Kim Kardashian's ex-hubby, signed a three-year, $13 million contract with the Washington Wizards. Let's hope this union lasts longer than his marriage. +3 
Green City : The D.C. Council approved legislation that would ban Styrofoam containers in the city in 2016. The bill also said restaurants would have to provide only recyclable or [...]

White House Threatens to Veto Bill That Would Kill D.C.’s Marijuana Decriminalization Law

The White House threatened Monday to veto the 2015 House appropriations bill,  which contains a buried amendment that would effectively quash D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization bill.
In June, Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee, tacked on an amendment to the larger appropriations bill that said D.C. could not use any of its money [...]

House GOP May Try to Block D.C.’s Decriminalization of Pot

A Republican on the House Appropriations Committee is reportedly introducing an amendment to the District's appropriations bill that would block the city from implementing its recently adopted marijuana decriminalization law.
A spokeswoman for the committee says she can't confirm that an amendment will be introduced, but Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, a medical doctor, confirmed to a Roll Call reporter that he [...]

Council Wants to Change Street Names to “DC No Taxation Without Representation Way”

Here's a clunky mouthful: The D.C. Council introduced legislation today to change the names of the streets surrounding the U.S. Capitol to "D.C. No Taxation Without Representation Way."
The change, fortunately for cabdrivers and other city navigators, is only symbolic and would not formally change any addresses. The legislation designates 1st Streets NE and SE between Constitution and Independence Avenues with [...]

The Needle: It Always Comes Back to Statehood

Colbert State:  News that Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman at the helm of CBS’s The Late Show is good news for the District. Why? Because statehood, says D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Eh, wishful thinking. -2
Ballot Blues: A new report found that District voters waited an average of 33.9 minutes to cast ballots in the [...]

District Line Daily: D.C. Still Not Free

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The Government Accountability Office issued a blow to D.C. Thursday, writing in a report that [...]