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Stadium Club: No Sextortion Here!

Trendy Washington strip club Stadium Club has made its name by attracting women customers, but a March lawsuit from a former dancer at the club alleges that the club's female employees aren't treated as well.
Talayna Clements, who previously sued the club over alleged violations of fair wage law, is back in court with a new [...]

Strip Club Queens Shakes It Up

It's been a while since we've heard from Strip Club Queens, the reality show that promised to take us inside Washington's Stadium Club. Now series mastermind Delmond Newton has resurfaced, and he's making it rain new cast members.
After spending time in Atlanta for the filming of Strip Club Queens Atlanta, Newton came away impressed with [...]

Stripper: Club Manager Demanded Sexual Favors

For a place where topless women gyrate on poles, D.C.'s Stadium Club has a pretty classy reputation. The Washington Post even declared it "a chic hot spot for young African American women". But according to a new lawsuit, there may be a sleazier side to one of the District's hottest strip clubs.
Dancer Talayna Clements stripped [...]

Petula Dvorak Spoils the Women-in-Strip-Clubs Fun

Is the rush of straight women going to D.C. strip clubs girly fun or, like so much else about strip clubs, depressing as hell? The debate continues at the Washington Post.
The case for the former was made last week in a story about Stadium Club's increasing popularity with women. But today, Post columnist Petula [...]

Stadium Club: For Women, Too!

Going by the buzz surrounding Ward 5 strip club/chophouse Stadium Club, you might think it's only popular with rappers and the mayor's son. But the Washington Post reports that the club is enjoying surprising success with straight women who see it not as a strip club, but a club with strippers.
Co-owner James Tru Redding tells the [...]

Sorry for Party Rocking: Washington Times Exposes Vince Gray’s Son’s “Party-Boy Lifestyle”

The Washington Times' revamped local coverage has been leaning lately on an old reporting trick: The more prudish you are, the more you have to write about.
Previously, they feigned shock that a D.C. Council opposed to gun ownership would make it hard to get a gun, and that someone with a drug-dealing conviction would receive a [...]

“I’m Not There to Make Friends”: Analyzing the Strip Club Queens Trailer

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the trailer of new reality show Strip Club Queens, set at D.C.'s rapper-beloved Stadium Club. But the most important, in case you're planning to head to the Stadium Club for a dance or a steak, is this: if you offend stripper Miami, you better be [...]

Cornell Jones Fights Back Against D.C.

Being accused of being an HIV/AIDS profiteer, of sorts, would make some flinch. But Cornell Jones has struck back. You think he stole $300,000 from the city? Well, now he wants $2 million from it.
Last week, the District filed a civil suit accusing Jones, a legendary D.C. gangster who "went straight" and now runs Miracle Hands Inc.—a [...]

Stadium Club Started as HIV/AIDS Nonprofit?


A District nonprofit that provides various social services took HIV/AIDS money to fix up a warehouse that's now a strip club. That's according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan. Nathan is suing reformed city gangster Cornell Jones and his nonprofit—Miracle Hands—for $1 million because of the alleged shenanigans involved.
In court documents [...]

Strip Club Shocker: “Vaginas Can Be Seen!”

After months of ruckus, neighbors aiming to block the Stadium Club’s liquor license renewal sure made a lousy case at Wednesday’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) hearing.
In June, residents in the Ward 5 neighborhoods abutting the club-cum-steakhouse submitted two petitions, one with five signatures and another with 21, arguing the establishment was disrupting peace, [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Ward 5 Gets A Strip Club

I was out of town so forgive me for mentioning this old news. On Saturday, WaPo analyzed Mayor Adrian Fenty's small-time jobs plan through the eyes of Councilmember Mary Cheh. WaPo describes the mayor's plan, which was announced last week, this way:
"The mayor committed to partnering with the 50-church Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) to create [...]