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The Needle: Give Acorns A Chance Edition

Please Sir, May I Have Some More (Acorns)?: Squirrel advocates (!) disagree on how to handle the coming Squirrel Famine—and whether there's even a famine coming. One group says they've noticed fewer acorns this year, and that once squirrels gnaw through their current stash, they'll be starving—so District residents may want to buy acorns, freeze [...]

The Needle: Who Is John Beck? Edition

Tourmobile No More: Those blue trolleys trundling around the Mall will officially be a thing of the past next year. National Park Service spokesman Bill Line says Tourmobile's contract to provide transportation (which probably was never as ironclad as NPS officials used to claim in terms of protecting the trolley monopoly) won't be extended after [...]

Photos: Man Vs. Nature, Shaw

Photos: Thursday, on the Avenue

1300 Block of Pennsylvania Ave. NW, December 10

Robin 1, Squirrel 0

Hell hath no fury like a robin whose eggs have been tampered with.
I learned that early this morning. Exiting my Petworth abode, I spotted a squirrel scampering pell-mell down a tree across the street. Was he fleeing a jealous mate? Had my roommate's snakes gotten loose?
Neither, it turned out. The squirrel had [...]