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Nationals to Host Racing-Presidents Tryouts on Sunday

The team is looking for people to fill the presidential shoes.

Pigskins Reportedly Pick Architect to Design New Stadium—But Where Will It Go?

The team has reportedly picked the firm that designed the National Building Museum maze.

America’s Coolest Sport, Pickleball, Coming to a Rec Center Near You

No, the ball isn't brined.

How to Hop on the Wizards Bandwagon

The Washington Wizards are in the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2008. Last week, they won the first game of a playoff series (for the first time since 2006), then won the second one (for the first time since 1982), both on the road against the fourth-seeded Chicago Bulls, to bring a 2-0 [...]

D.C. Basketball Power-Broker Curtis Malone Charged in Drug Investigation

For years, Curtis Malone has been the head of DC Assault, a powerhouse D.C. area basketball program. The success of Malone's players has given Malone a national profile, including status as a go-between between players and the colleges that want them and sponsorship for the program from Adidas.
Malone, it seemed, had come a long way since 1991, [...]

Atlanta Mayor Bashes D.C. Sports Fans

Washington's sports teams have their ups and downs. But does Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed have to rub our faces in it? Reed took to Twitter on his lunch break today to dispense shut down some D.C. sports fans.
The trouble started, Ball Hogs Radio notes, when a Washington Twitter user called Atlanta residents the worst sports [...]

Ultimate Frisbee Players Ask First Lady to Stop Tree-Planting on Field

In the social hierarchy of sports, ultimate frisbee fans fall somewhere between hacky sack players and their cousins, the frisbee golfers. But when Washington's ultimate frisbee players started being pushed out of fields around the Ellipse, they called in someone much more prestigious: first lady Michelle Obama.
The trouble started last year when the National Park [...]

The Needle: He Biked That Way! Edition

Talkin' Bout the Money: Court documents released in today's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide (as opposed to Tuesday's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide) indicate the winning effort accepted money from at least one "straw donor," who gave funds actually provided by someone else. Which has the potential [...]

Jeff Ruland Has UDC Basketball Rolling Again

The UDC Firebirds are 9-1, with the only loss coming last month to D-1 and Atlantic 10 squad Duquesne.
It's not too early to start buzzing about a return to March mini-Madness: In 1982, UDC won a NCAA D-II national title with a team that was coached by Dunbar alum and local playground legend Willie Jones [...]

The Worst Redskins Roster Since the Replacements?

Mike Shanahan has to win out the last two games of the 2011 season to pass the winning percentages racked up by Jim Zorn and Steve Spurrier during their two-year stints as Redskins coaches.
But as cruel as the standings have been to Shanahan's reputation as a coach since he got here, the recent box scores [...]

Where Have You Gone, “Where’s the Beef?”

Via a pop-up ad on my laptop, I learned yesterday that the catchphrase for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign is still: "Are You In?"

Joe Jacoby Gets His College Degree Today, But Not in Theater!

"And, yes, and you can have a college degree..."
When I heard via the Louisville Courier-Journal that Joe Jacoby had gone back to school and was getting his sheepskin today, that's the sentence that popped into my head.
That's because whenever I hear anything about Jacoby, among the most beloved and successful Washington Redskins of all time and [...]

Rockin’ the Red, Dissin’ the Redskins

Yet another sign of the Washington Redskins' reduced hold on the hometown: Big businesses are scheduling events during Redskins games.
Time was, the city had a reputation for shutting down on any Sunday afternoon whenever the Redskins were playing.
But all week long, WJFK-FM has been promoting an appearance this Sunday by Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals. [...]

Is Lamont Peterson’s Championship the Sports Story of the Year?

Fantastic interview on The Mike Wise Show on WJFK-FM this morning with Lamont Peterson, the new world junior welterweight champion.
Peterson came to the studios with brother and fellow pug Anthony Peterson and trainer Barry Hunter to relive Saturday night's fight, in which Lamont took away Amir Khan's world title belts.
Early in the interview, Wise, who wrote [...]

We Are the Champions! DPR and Silver Spring Squads Take Pop Warner Super Bowls!

Vincent Abney's draft stock keeps going up.
On kiddie football's biggest stage, Abney was a bigger boy among boys, scoring on 50-yard and 8-yard runs in leading his Marshall Heights Bison to a 34-6 rout of the East Bay (Calif.) Wildcats in the Pop Warner Super Bowl for Pee Wees (no more than 12 years old [...]