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Remember, Everyone…

Happy special election! Here's who and what to vote for. Find your polling place here.

The Needle: Shuttered Edition

No Pictures: These days, just about everyone has a high-powered camera attached to their cell phones. So maybe it's not surprising that homegrown photography chain Penn Camera is closing up shop—but it's still a shame. Business over the holiday season apparently was precipitously low, and the Beltsville-based firm decided not to bother going on after [...]

The Needle: Orange Edition

Orange You Glad You Voted For Orange: The election many of you didn't realize was happening is now over, and Vincent Orange is—once again—a member of the D.C. Council. Sure, voter turnout was under 10 percent, and sure, 71 percent of ballots were cast for someone besides Orange. That doesn't matter! What matters is the [...]