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Waterfront Man Considers Paying Gentrifier Protection Money

Property crime is a fact of life in Washington, especially in neighborhoods with changing demographics. But it might not have to be. After one Southwest Waterfront resident's car was broken into Sunday night, he decided to rollerblade on a nearby basketball court, which lead to an idea.
He was concerned that area children would rob him [...]

Photos: Janine Gilbert-Carter

Photos: Above the Tree Line, Mountains of Half Street SW

Neighborhood Watch: University Sinks, Takes $1.5 Million Tax Dollars Down With It

The Issue: Southeastern University, a private school founded 130 years ago by the YMCA near the Southwest Waterfront, has gone the way of the Titanic—and taxpayer’s money is going down with the ship. According to the Washington Examiner, three months before the Middle States Commission on Higher Education yanked the school’s accreditation, the floundering university [...]