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WJLA Crew Says It Was Approached by Gunshot Victim While Covering Separate Crime

FEMS says the victim suffered "critical injuries."

Woman Says Lyft Driver Refused to Come to Her Fairlawn Home on Sunday [UPDATE]

"This is the kind of ridiculousness that my neighborhood deals with daily," she says.

District Releases Police Body-Worn Camera Footage of Alonzo Smith Incident

The video shows how MPD officers responded to calls they received, and is the first such kind the District has released.

Streets in Hill East Get Barricaded During Police Standoff, and Neighbors Get Parking Tickets Anyway

D.C.'s ornery Parking Enforcement rankled some Hill East residents this morning when a parking officer issued tickets to cars parked in a street cleaning zone—right as the street reopened after being closed for about 10 hours during a police standoff in a nearby apartment.
Police went to serve a warrant to a man living in the [...]

Metro: Throwing Rocks at Buses “Not Just a Prank”

Last month, Metro decided not to pull bus service from Southeast neighborhoods where rock-throwers attack buses, despite the apocalyptic nature of the whole thing. Now the Post's Dr. Gridlock reports that the transity agency's trying a new tactic: asking nicely.
"Throwing rocks at buses or cars is not just a prank" the flyer reads. "It's a [...]

Thrillist Declares Southeast D.C. “Dangerously Exotic”

Apparently, Thrillist is not really fond of Washington's Southeast quadrant. In a piece today on Navy Yard's Kruba Thai and Sushi, the popular lifestyle newsletter declared a quarter of the city to be just so strange (emphasis added):
Kruba Thai's opening next week, and it's full of so much teak, you'll think you're in Southeast [...]

Photos: MLK Holiday Parade

Photo Slideshow.  Jan. 16th along Martin Luther King Ave., SE. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Businesses in Congress Heights Prepare for ‘New Money’

The federal Department of Homeland Security typically conjures up images of airport screening, border guards, hurricane damage, or terrorist attacks. A group of business owners and local activists in Congress Heights, though, are hoping the arrival of the department's offices will help the neighborhood become the District's next Barracks Row or Adams Morgan.
Through the Congress [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Metro Safety Gets Even Worse Edition

Good morning, everyone. Another Tuesday in the District–summertime heat has officially moved in with temperatures ranging from 90 to 94 degrees, with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms tonight. Thank your lucky stars for today because it's probably only going to be worse tomorrow. This spring was our hottest on record–overactive sweat glands are tragic [...]

Multiple Theories In Slain Intern Case

Was it because of an argument, robbery, or long-standing beef?
Multiple theories have emerged in the investigation of 18-year-old D.C. Council intern Alonte Sutton's murder.  Omare Ishmael Cotton, 28, was arrested Tuesday in connection to the killing. Cotton will be arraigned later today.
According to the AP, witnesses have reportedly floated the story that on Saturday, Sutton was changing [...]

Animal Blotter: A Bad Week for Bears

Canine Murder Mystery: On April 30, a family dog residing in the 5300 block of  B Street SE was fatally shot through the neck. The Humane Society reports that the dog, a four-year-old lab named Bear, was playing in the backyard when it was murdered. One of the dog's family members heard the gunshot and [...]

Photos: On the Waterfront

Visions for MLK Avenue

Though celebrations and acknowledgments of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday have died down, City Desk feels the need to squeeze in at least one more tidbit on MLK—or at least the avenue named for him in Southeast D.C.
The blog South East Socialite conducted a poll this week to find out what visions residents in Congress [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Can You Hear Me Now? Unfortunately, Say Unhappy Capitol Hill Residents

The Issue: Are dropped calls taking priority over community concerns in a historic Southeast neighborhood? Some neighbors are worried about the radiation effects of six 10-foot T-Mobile antennas installed in early October on the roof of the Polk Court Apartments at 525 G St SE. To install the towers, T-Mobile had to get permission from [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Ward 8 Property, Fire Sale or Golden Opportunity?

The Issue: Is Ward 8 taking on more than its fair share of social housing? So Others Might Eat (SOME), a D.C. nonprofit group, bought a rundown residential property about a year ago on Mellon Street in southeast with the intention of turning the space into long-term housing for adults with special needs. The complex [...]