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Sonia Sotomayor’s Neighbors Totally Have a Crush on Her

Supreme Court justices: They have homes, just like us. And while the New York Times may have pioneered the "Sonia Sotomayor lives on U Street" genre, the Post has a new contribution that proves, conclusively, that Sotomayor's neighbors are engaged in a condo association-wide crush on the justice.
Just take a look at the evidence.
They treasure [...]

District Line Daily: Gold Bust

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The morning after we were reminded of the importance of electricity, one question remains: How [...]

The Needle: Bat Spat

Pine Spar: The dispute between Marlins manager Ozzy Guillen and Nationals pitcher Bryce Harper continues. Guillen claimed yesterday that Harper had put too much pine tar, which is used to improve grip, on his bat. Federal Baseball does the admirable work of comparing screenshots from the game to settle Pine Targate.  "[Guillen] was trying to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hung Up Edition

Good Morning, City Desk readers!  While City Paper is busy commemorating Sexist Day here at the office, all sorts of newsy events are happening all over the city, so here it is.

Alexandria Police Chief David P. Baker announced his retirement yesterday afternoon, ending a 40-year career in law enforcement.  This comes in the aftermath of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Law and Order Edition

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor would like you to know that she was misunderstood when she said that a wise Latina woman would come to a better decision than a white man.  Yes, she's been repeating this line since the soundbite came out almost six weeks ago, but it seems to be the main focus [...]

Weekend In Review: Nadal Loses!

Who knows what Andy Alexander was up to this week when he wrote his column as ombudsman of the Washington Post. As a vet with decades in the news biz, Alexander might be expected to, like, peg his column to a news event within, say, the past several years. But check this out—-he writes about [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Protest & Putt-Putt Edition

*IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: The Post fronts the news from California: a 6-1 ruling by the State Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, citing widespread support among voters.
...the California court said voters spoke clearly, through last fall's ballot initiative known as Proposition 8, in wanting to limit marriage to a man and a woman. At [...]