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Washington’s Name-Shortening Trend Claims Another Victim

Just as we were all getting used to dropping SoMo, the GaP, and SoNYA in conversation, Washington's name-shortening trend has struck again. The Post's Tom Sietsema reports that the new restaurant going in next to the Spy Museum will be called NoPa. NoPa, as in North of Pennsylvania Avenue.
NoPa is worrying because it means name-shortening [...]

D.C.’s Worst Neighborhood Name, Revealed, Again

We made it through SoMo and the GaP. NoMa's even gotten pretty handy. I'm confident that we as a city can survive this shortened-name craze. Which is good, because it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon.
Prince of Petworth reports that the Shaw listserv is pushing a new shortened neighborhood name for the area south [...]

SoMo Rebranding “Stupid,” Says Adams Morgan BID Director

The Adams Morgan Main Street-backed rebranding of southern Adams Morgan as "SoMo" is entering its second month, and at least two people aren't fans: Adams Morgan BID Executive Director Kristen Barden and George Washington University real estate professor Christopher P. Leinberger. While they clashed on Adams Morgan's potential earlier this week, they agree on at [...]

Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle Losing Out to Other Neighborhoods, Analyst Says

In the D.C. metro area scramble for offices, restaurants, and retail, some established neighborhoods are falling behind newly-gentrifying upstarts. According to the Washington Post, real estate scholar Christopher B. Leinberger thinks that Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan are poorly poised to take advantage of development, while H Street and NoMa show potential.
“Adams Morgan needs to [...]

D.C.’s Worst New Neighborhood Name, Revealed

Washington's abbreviated naming trend has really sped up lately. First there was NoMa and FoBo. Earlier this month, south Adams Morgan became SoMo. And now, Washington has yet another abbreviated neighborhood, and this one is the best/worst of them all: GaP.
That would be near the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station. It might seem like that area [...]

Blogger Andrew Sullivan Ditches Adams Morgan

Speaking of famous bears, there's now one fewer in Adams Morgan: ex-New Republic editor turned blog king Andrew Sullivan. The longtime Adams Morgan resident and Newsweek/Daily Beast blogger moved out of the neighborhood two weeks ago and headed to New York.
Sullivan-spotting has been a long-running  pastime in Adams Morgan, where it seemed none of his meals was [...]

South Adams Morgan Is “SoMo,” Apparently

Pity the businesses at Adams Morgan's southern end, built around the maddening Florida Avenue-U Street-18th Street intersection, far from Metro, and just a little too far from the rest of the area's nightlife. While the individual businesses in the sub-neighborhood can be good, put together they just aren't as fun as the rest of Adams [...]