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D.C. Still Loves the World Cup

The U.S. and Portugal played to a (last-second, extremely painful to watch the end of) 2-2 draw last night in Manaus, Brazil, and once again, the TV market where the match got the highest rating was D.C.
USA-Portugal posts a 9.1 overnight; DC -13.3, Columbus-12.6, NYC- 12.5, Boston- 11.5, Hartford/New Haven-11.3, Providence-11.2, ATL 11.1
— Keri Potts [...]

D.C. Had ESPN’s Highest Rating for the U.S.-Ghana World Cup Game

It didn't only feel like everyone in town was watching the World Cup Monday night—they actually were.
The U.S.-Ghana match in Natal, Brazil, got a higher rating in D.C. than anywhere else in the country last night, ESPN said Tuesday. A total of 11.1 million people per minute were watching the game nationwide; in D.C., the broadcast [...]

Brokedown Palace: RFK Stadium Is a National Treasure, Cracks and All

When you view Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium from one of its lagoon-like parking lots, it looks like a mod flying saucer parked on the home of the Jetsons. Its curved roof harkens to space-age architecture from the 1960s that would be more at home in Seattle than next to the Anacostia River. As you [...]

Photo: Kite Festival

National Mall, April 10th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

This Week’s Page Three Photo

3800 Block of Chesapeake Street NW, August 20

Did That Mexican Dude Pull a Freddie Brown?

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Mexico's loss to Argentina in the World Cup had shades of the Georgetown Hoyas' loss to North Carolina in the 1982 NCAA basketball championship game. The play all fans of the losers are going to remember was a flub.
Mexican defender Ricardo Osorio dished off to [...]

City FC Builds Hearts, Minds and Soccer Fields

For the cool-ass tabloid version of the current Washington City Paper, I wrote about a really good deed done for a really good kid.
The folks behind City FC, a local soccer club organized to give athletic and academic support to under-supported and mostly immigrant players from DCIAA, worked hard to get a Cameroonian kid they [...]

Photo: Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela, Dupont Circle, June 12.  © 2010 Matt Dunn

World Cup Roundup: An Historic Oversight at the Embassy of Japan

Clearly, not everyone is playing hooky from work during World Cup action this week. "We weren't planning on having a screening of the game," an official at the Embassy of Japan told City Desk following the Asian nation's Monday morning clash with African favorite Cameroon. An historic oversight, it turns out. Spoiler Alert! Japan's newfound glory would come as news to our contact [...]

World Cup Roundup: France Frustrated, South Africa Thrilled to Draw, Marc Fisher Hates It All

Let the media frenzy begin! Appearing on The Colbert Report last night, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher kicked-off World Cup fever in true American fashion–by trashing the game of soccer entirely. "Soccer is un-American," Fisher, proud owner of the title America's Most Prominent Soccer Hater, told host Stephen Colbert. "It's a great game for little kids running around on [...]

D.C. Council Catches World Cup Fever (Sort of)

Emergency legislation passed by D.C. Council yesterday allowing D.C. bars to open as early as 7 a.m. during the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa would seem to suggest the presence of a few footy fans in the upper eschelons of city government, right?
Well, sort of. "Soccer has enormous interest everywhere, from what I [...]

Morning Roundup: Lazy Soccer Players Edition

Good morning, Washington. For those who missed it, President Obama is sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to fix that “darned fence.” But Arizonans still aren’t satisfied.
Closer to home, prosecutors continued their marathon screening of police interrogation video in the Robert Wone murder-conspiracy trial yesterday, including footage of interviews with suspects Joseph Price and Dylan Ward. [...]

Photo: Football Fever

Man with big football © 2010 Matt Dunn

Our Morning Roundup: Real World D.C. Edition

The Anti-Real World DC blog is gonna have to do better than this post:
"Deja vu? More like deja poo. See, I've already lived in a city that had a Real World house. I've already had to deal with reengineering my social life around 7 douchebags who fail to represent anything more than [...]