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The Needle: D.C. Robbed

Sorry D.C., we probably won't get another snowy owl this year.

RIP, Snowy Owl

The daredevil snowy owl who liked to fly low over the District's busy streets this year was found dead in Minnesota, the Raptor Center announced today. It appears the owl was, yet again, hit by a vehicle.
The rare snowy owl, which City Desk had tried to give a proper name, gained celebrity status in D.C. when he decided to [...]

The Needle: Litteratti

Trash Police: Who knew? April is litter enforcement month, which means police will be paying special attention to illegal dumping and littering from vehicles. Fines start at $50 for littering and can run up to $500 for illegal dumping. +2
Like a Bird: The rare snowy owl that visited D.C. and then got hit by a bus had [...]

What Happened to That Snowy Owl That Got Hit by a Bus in D.C.?

The snowy owl that caused D.C. residents to play hookey from work  just to catch a glimpse of it—only to reportedly get struck by a bus a few days later—is now at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota for treatment.

“A rehabilitation center on the East coast who had been caring for the owl reached [...]

District Line Daily: Modern Love

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In our latest cover story, meet David Jameson— an architect who want to make D.C. [...]

The Needle: Decriminalize It

Blaze Up (Inside): The D.C. Council gave preliminary approval to legislation that would decriminalize weed if you're smoking on private property, which means that most people will continue smoking in the privacy of their own homes. +2
Ridin' Dirty: The man who was spotted masturbating on the Metro Monday may actually be a serial public transit [...]

The Needle: Ridin’ Dirty

Whip It: A woman writes in to PoPville complaining that one of her Metro co-passengers was masturbating while commuting this morning. -4

Supermarket Sweep: The former food desert of Shaw could be getting another supermarket, which is good news, but prospective super marketeers should be aware of the law of diminishing returns. +1

The Needle: Whatta Zoo

Animal House: A lot of animal news today. First, Rusty the red panda was exiled from the National Zoo to go mate in Virginia because Bao Bao was causing too much of a raucous. Then the rare snowy owl that came to D.C. for a visit was struck by a bus! -3
Axis of Evil: Dan Snyder's [...]

Name D.C.’s Snowy Owl

D.C.'s love for its new snowy owl has already been demonstrated and, to the apparent horror of all of Twitter this morning, tested. Still, anything with a place in our hearts deserves a name of its own. So we put it to you: What should the snowy owl's name be? Here are Washington City Paper's suggestions:

Hedwig and the [...]

The Needle: Putting the Broth in Brothel

Pimp My Restaurant: Bar di Bari on 14th Street NW is closing and will reopen as Red Light, which may be a brothel-themed restaurant on a street that used to serve as the District's very own Red Light district. (Though this PoPville report is based on an overheard conversation.) -5
What a Hoot:  The entire Washington [...]

Reporters and Bird Watchers Flock to Rare Snowy Owl Downtown

Greg Lucke got an alert from a friend on Facebook at 1:52 p.m. that a rare Snowy Owl was perched on the headquarters of the Washington Post in downtown D.C. He left his nearby office at National Geographic and was at the scene with binoculars in hand by 2 p.m.
"It's fantastic," Lucke says of seeing [...]