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Dupont Circle Snowball Fight Doesn’t Have Enough Snow

Despite increasingly desperate tweets from the Capital Weather Gang, it looks like the snowstorm is going to be a soggy flop in the District. That presents problems for people who needed a heavy snowfall, like participants in the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight.
The organizers of the fight, presumably "official" because it's endorsed by Rear Admiral Samuel [...]

Express Haiku: The Snowquester

Hold up. What is this:
The Day After Tomorrow?
Try #Snowverated.

The Needle: Snowquester Approaches

The Big One: Are you ready, Washington? Are you ready?! +4
Storm Eats: If there's one thing that Hurricane Sandy taught us, it's that even a storm that flops is an excuse to buy junk food. My plans include Cheez-Its and beer. Share your storm slobbery in the comments, readers. +2

Pepco Warns Snow Could Cause “Extended Power Outages”

If a big storm's coming, you know what it's time for: a Pepco robocall. In a call to customers this afternoon, Pepco warns that the approaching storm could knock out power.
"Weather forecasts predict heavy wet snow and high winds which can bring down trees and cause extended power outages," a woman reads on the announcement. [...]

Department of Public Works Declares Storm “The Big One”

Snowquester has a rival. In a press release touting its snow readiness, the Department of Public Works has come up with its own phrasing for tonight's storm: "the Big One."
"D.C. snow team deploys for the Big One," reads the press release, which announces that 230 snow plows will start operating around 11 p.m. But is [...]

The Snowquester: An Etymological Debate

Jonathan L. Fischer: Lots of people seem to be taking umbrage with the Washington Post's unilateral naming of this week's potential snowstorm. These people are wrong. Although I tend to oppose premature declarations of memes, this time the Post's Capital Weather Gang is on the right track: If there is massive snowfall this week, it [...]