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The Needle: Snowpocalypse Lane

A robbery at CityCenter's newest shop

Snow, but No Snowpocalypse, This Year

There should be no need for fear-inducing snow puns this year.
D.C. can probably expect around 15 inches of snow this winter, which is average for the city, a representative from the National Weather Service said at a D.C. Council transportation and the environment committee roundtable today.
The District only got around three inches of snow last [...]

The Needle: Snow Nostalgia Edition

No Snow Más: If you went out and bought a snowmobile (or as Todd and Sarah Palin call them, a snow machine) during last winter's endless blizzards in hopes of using it to get around this winter... there may soon be one more used snowmobile up for sale on eBay. The National Weather Service and [...]

District Driving in the Post-Snowpocalypse: For the Love of God, Please Learn to Helm Your Sport Utility Vehicle!

Here's the thing with automatic transmission in America: People get lulled into the notion that driving all cars is pretty much the same. Here's the other thing: In the snow, that notion flies out the window. Cars that have a lot of power and—hey!—ballast shouldn't be the ones fishtailing in and out of snowbanks. This [...]

In Petworth, Snow Plows You

The above snow plow met its end at the intersection of 5th and Kennedy Streets NW, where the snow doesn't take kindly to being pushed around by ANYONE. From the looks of it, the poor thing caught on fire and its drivers fled, possibly on foot. The neighbors love this stuff–someone said that salt gets [...]

Snowpocalypse Skiing Conditions: Excellent Kick, Great Glide

Anyone paying to ski today is a sucker. In D.C., the snow is falling at a consistent clip; on the streets it's not too slick, and in many places nicely packed. The only problem? No ski lifts.
So it didn't surprise me to see Washingtonians skiing past my Dupont apartment all day, about two or three [...]

VIDEO Snowpocalypse 2010: Taking Stock at the Safeway

If you said there'd be hell to pay at the Safeway in Adams Morgan, you were right! There isn't a bagel to be found in the place. It's a maelstrom, people—looting and other acts of outrage...rolls of toilet paper flying, kitty litter strewn athwart aisle 7, sausage casings used to garrote innocent children...we'll let the [...]

Morning Roundup: How Much Time Did You Spend in the Grocery Store Last Night?

Good day, Winter Weather Panicsphere! Do you want to talk about something other than the impending Snowmaggedon/Snowpocalypse/SnOMG2? Well, too bad. Here's the day's roundup, by the numbers:
18-24: Number of inches of snow on the way for the region, according to the National Weather Service forecast
28: Record number of inches for  a D.C. snowstorm, from one [...]

What to Call the Storm: Snowpocalypse 2? Snowgasm? Sno’ Mo’?

Some people apparently think other people should be working, rather than trying to come up with a name for the snowstorm that is bearing down on the region.
What's his problem??
Anyway, lots of folks have weighed in in response to Capital Weather Gang's request for names (I mean, lots of folks...all that productivity, gone!) Here are [...]

District Limerick: Absolutely Deflightful

The Fates of today's aviation
Capricious and fond of frustration
As vay-cay winds down
You're due back in town
But not without great consternation
At first we had buckets of snow
Soon after came pants rigged to blow
And then DCA
Was covered in spray
Homeric? Oh yes, I'd say so

District Limerick: snOMG

Before you get on your high horse
Your lim'ricist shows her remorse
Turns out I was wrong
The snow came on strong
And so did the show of great force
On U St, the snowball fight surged
The Hummer came; people converged
What started out jolly
Soon turned to pure folly
When gun-toting lawman emerged
Then CNN picked up the feud
(Click here if you haven't [...]

Weekend in Review: Guns and Snowball Fights

There'll be a lot of attention paid this week to how well the administration of Adrian M. Fenty cleans up the snowstorm. Will it get to the rezzy streets soon enough? Will it send all those Bobcats into the alleys to help people get out of their garages? Will it come up with a bunch [...]