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The Needle: Beatlemania Edition

Next Stop, Knoxville: The recession may, officially, be over. But consumer spending hasn't returned to normal levels—and if you needed more proof of that, the rapturous greetings with which the news of Megabus' expanded service from D.C. should suffice. The discount bus line will run direct routes from the District to Boston; Buffalo, Charlotte, N.C.; Hampton, [...]

The Needle: Snow Nostalgia Edition

No Snow Más: If you went out and bought a snowmobile (or as Todd and Sarah Palin call them, a snow machine) during last winter's endless blizzards in hopes of using it to get around this winter... there may soon be one more used snowmobile up for sale on eBay. The National Weather Service and [...]

Washington Post Gives Birth to Snowstorm Baby Boom Story

Today's big Washington Post trend story looks compelling, at first glance: hospitals are gearing up for  a mini-baby boom later this year, after the December and February snowstorms left folks around the area with little to do besides screw (and, of course, brandish police weapons at snowball fights).
Except the story falls apart if you read [...]

Another Love Note From a Parking Spot Saver

Another parking spot hoarder has put pen to paper.
After leaving her Ford Escalade Escape parked in a curbside space near Independence Avenue SE, D.C. driver Amy Pritchard says she found a nasty note (pictured) on her vehicle's windshield. The neatly inked message offered up some unblushing criticism of Pritchard, who'd taken it upon herself to [...]

Parking Spot Hog: ‘Park Here and You Better Have a Spare’

At what point did it become OK to disable a neighbor's car over a parking space?
A Capitol Hill resident sent City Paper a pic of a sign she found on the 1200 block of I Street NE that threatens just that. Attached to a recycling container, the signage apparently is meant to reserve a snow-free [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Fenty Caved and Closed D.C. Government’ Edition

Dear Mayor Adrian Fenty,
You caved?! You closed the D.C. government? We had so much more faith in you than that.
Yes, the federal government is closed. City and county governments in Arlington, Alexandria, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George's, and everywhere else are closed. The D.C. public school system, and every other school system in the [...]

Snowmageddon T-Shirts Offer Instant Nostalgia for Lousy Event

Maybe you spent the past weekend shoveling till your shoulders bled, or maybe you are now trying desperately to not murder the people you've been stuck in the same house with for four days. Clearly, you're gonna want a T-shirt to remember this time. Enter Alex Welsh and Grant Hill, the founding partners of creative [...]

District Driving in the Post-Snowpocalypse: For the Love of God, Please Learn to Helm Your Sport Utility Vehicle!

Here's the thing with automatic transmission in America: People get lulled into the notion that driving all cars is pretty much the same. Here's the other thing: In the snow, that notion flies out the window. Cars that have a lot of power and—hey!—ballast shouldn't be the ones fishtailing in and out of snowbanks. This [...]

In Petworth, Snow Plows You

The above snow plow met its end at the intersection of 5th and Kennedy Streets NW, where the snow doesn't take kindly to being pushed around by ANYONE. From the looks of it, the poor thing caught on fire and its drivers fled, possibly on foot. The neighbors love this stuff–someone said that salt gets [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

The snow has us wholly obsessed
But lest we get bored and depressed
I've taken the time
(Surprise! It'll rhyme)
Assignments, for some, I'll suggest:
How loudly the bell seems to toll
Yet Fenty has not read that poll!
I know, there's this storm
But seems like poor form
Ain't being informed, like, your role?
Seems AG will soon be elected
An outcome P. Nickles rejected
I [...]